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  1. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired WTS: HDS Executive, SF Fury & G2X Pro, Monster Pro Tango U2 {ALL SOLD}

    Monster Tactical Pro Tango U2 5 mode (L/M/H/B/S) with great dial select levels that go up to 1100 lumens. Never used...asking $40SOLD shipped in the USA. HDS Executive - High CRI 200 Lumens - comes with two tailcaps (flush and raised), and two reflectors (regular silver and white diffuser)...
  2. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired WTB: Oveready black triad tail

    With or without clip, in like new condition preferred. Thanks!
  3. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired Copper Peak Eiger and Ultra

    Peak Eiger (on the right below) Copper QTC AAA (Cool XP-G I believe) lug with lanyard and copper bead…never used, but nice patina from sitting in my drawer! Asking $60SPF PP’d and shipped in the USA. Peak Eiger Ultra (on the left below) Copper QTC AAA (Cool XP-G I believe) lug with lanyard and...
  4. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired Mac's Ti Tri-EDC and SST-50; Okluma's DC1 & 2

    Mac's Ti Tri-EDC (no crenelations), 18350. Upgraded with an XPL Hi copper LE from Okluma and a laser cut glow sticker also from Okluma. Also upgraded the glass from mineral to sapphire, the clip screws from hex to torx and the boot ring from delrin to titanium. I think that's about the max on...
  5. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired Enrique Pena Jigged Zirc Barlow (SOLD)

    Amazing Pena jigged Zirc Barlow: Asking $750 SOLD which includes PP and shipping in the USA. No trades at this time. Thanks!
  6. Exeter354


    Incredible work Jeff! It does not get better than this! How could it possibly?? Look at this package! Everything is branded except the light! Even the packing foam has the logo! You are all class Jeff! And one hell of a machinist!! This light is way beyond. I've owned a whole lotta...
  7. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired McGizmo Makai 3V w/2 x AA Pak; Haiku and Sundrop Head Options - ALL SOLD

    McGizmo Makai 3V XM-L…comes on the 2xAA pak. Gorgeous piece of sculpted titanium…admired but seldom used, so it’s in mint condition…asking $450 SOLD PP’d and shipped in the USA: I also have some McGizmo heads for sale separately. The following two are 3V heads and can be hot-swapped with the...
  8. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired Brass 7-LED Peak McKinley (SOLD)

    Nicely patina'd brass Peak McKinley with 7 LED’s. Runs on 123’s or 16340’s, includes lanyard and brass bead…asking $60 SOLD PP’d and shipped in the USA.
  9. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired Oveready Boss 35 + 70 Combo – First Run Patina Finish - SOLD

    Oveready Boss 35 + 70 Combo – first run original 7075 Patina Finish…admired but never used/carried. Fitted with GID Ring, triple A33 XPL HI (modes CLMH – amber color first) and narrow clear optic. Includes body cap for spare body…asking $450 SOLD PP’d and shipped in the USA.
  10. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired FS: Okluma Ti TinyDC {SOLD}

    You know the light - just pure perfection from Okluma! From the last run of these. Been in the drawer since I got it - I have another of Jeff's lights that I use: Asking $525 PP'd & shipped in the USA. Thanks!
  11. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Mac's Titanium P60 Host

    Gorgeous P60 host...Mac only made a handful of these. Perfect machining, as you would expect from Mac. 6al-4v titanium, McClicky (like his Tri-Edc's), uses P60 style drop-ins and is 18500 powered. An Oveready V5 would turn this bad boy into a lightsaber! Currently fitted with a drop-in...
  12. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired WTB! Desperate for a plain smooth SS Z44 (6P) Oveready USA bezel ring!

    Looking for one of your price! I also have a copper one of these for trade or partial trade if that helps! Thanks!!!
  13. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired 2 Oveready P60 Mules [SOLD]

    Two Oveready single level mules for sale...these are excellent and the quality is as good as it gets, as you would expect from OR. I have one CREE XPL HI and one Nichia 219...tested but never actually used, so they are basically as new: Oveready Custom Mule P60 - Single Level Drop In...
  14. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired 2 sweet little OR Shorty's [BOTH SOLD]

    Thanks guys - these are both SOLD! This little guys are like gems, just gorgeous. Took me a year to find all the OR parts to piece these together! This is how I arrived at the price: RETAIL YOUR COST HEAD: $55 $35 BRASS BEZEL RING: $32 $20 BODY/INTERFACE: $57 $35 TAIL W/ZERO REZ...
  15. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired Okluma Cu TinyDC

    From Jeff's last batch, copper TinyDC. Never used - starting to develop a patina. Killer matching Copper Bravo Tango Gear bead for sale separately: TinyDC: $525 - SOLD Bravo Tango Gear Copper Hex Core Bead (phillips driver bit not included): No longer available. Prices include PP &...
  16. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired Oveready Custom (SOLD)

    Really love this one, but I have too many lights. This is what I paid for these parts individually: OR black HA Triad Tail w/black McClicky and short clip: $93 from Oveready OR black HA TL35 (18350) body: $55 from Oveready Latest greatest OR V5.0 LE, A33, Triple XPL: $212 from Oveready...
  17. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired Cool Fall Spy 007 - SOLD

    Cool Fall Spy 007 Stonewashed, Gunner's grip, XML-2 with neutral tint Number 0627 Comes with awesome ti bead for easy battery compartment opening. Light is in excellent condition - only used it as a bedside light. Added some black o-rings to give it a cool look and as bumper guards, will include...
  18. Exeter354

    Sold/Expired Oveready Moddoolar HA TL100 body & Triad tail (SOLD)

    Brand new - doubt I'll get around to using them: TL100 Body - $62 SOLD Triad Tail - $65 SOLD Prices include PP & shipping in the USA. Thanks!
  19. Exeter354

    Anyone else love shorty's as much as I do?