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  1. recDNA

    Anyone Drive a Newish BMW 330ix?

    The cup holders appear to be under the dash. Anyone know if a large soda cup from a drive through will fit in there like a large Burger King cup or Wendy's cup? I think it is the same cupholder from 2019 on. Thanks Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
  2. recDNA

    Fenix e20 Version 1 batteries stuck?

  3. recDNA

    Narrow Beam Pocket Flashlight

    Is there a flashlight the size of my sc64 with more throw and a narrower beam with 1000 lumens or more? The sc64 is 1300 lumens but just too floody for me.
  4. recDNA

    keychain light w hotspot

    I have a couple of keychain lights that are pretty bright but have optics with no hotspot. I like a conventional beam like my old nitecore ez cr2. Small, light with reflector and conventional beam. Maybe an XP-E so die is small enough to produce a hotspot or an XP-G2. Must have a reflector and...
  5. recDNA

    Very Few New Posts?

    Am I missing something or do we have way fewer posts than normal per unit time throughout the forum. It is very fast now so where is everyone?
  6. recDNA

    Sold/Expired WTT ZL SC64 for MKIV SC600 HI

    My sc64 is great for floody applications. Super bright with nice pure white beam. It is like new. Looking for like new MKIV SC600 HI. It must be the Hi model since I am looking for more throw and a narrower beam. There is a $10 difference in price which I could make up for with an inexpensive...
  7. recDNA

    4 X CR123A battery tube for inside flashlight?

    I have a couple of 4x123a capable flashlights with 4 primaries in line. They can also hold 2 x 18650 but I don't like that scenario. Trouble is batteries rattle in the wide tube. Sometimes they can even move around enough to make flashlights flicker. In the past I have wrapped them in tape but I...
  8. recDNA

    What's a nice single 18650 XHP35 flashlight 15k cd?

    I don't have any xhp flashlights. Not looking for edc just a general purpose house flashlight that will get some yard duty. It should have over 1k lumens and 15k cd. I prefer tactical type 2 mode lights but not essential. No P6 drop ins. I was thinking of something about the size of a PD35...
  9. recDNA

    Good Protected 18650 Not Too Long

    I'm aware all protected batteries are longer than unprotected but some are ridiculously long. I need to buy a pair of protected 18650 for my Jetbeam BC40GT. It has no low voltage warning built in so I must use protected batteries but not 18685 something more normal in length. It must be known as...
  10. recDNA

    2 x CR123A safe flashlight

    I need a very safe idiot proof 2 x CR123A flashlight for my friend. He wants to run only on primaries so it must be completely safe on its highest power on primaries. It therefore must have heat controlled stepdown and low voltage warning of some kind. Ideally I would want 900+ lumens 15,000 +...
  11. recDNA

    Single Primary CR123A Pocket Thrower

    I'd love to get 15k cd but 10k cd is doable. I don't mind a tir type lens but I don't like a pencil beam. Need some spill. No rechargeable battery option please. Must run on CR123A primary. Newer 1 X CR123A Surefire throwers are excessively large. I prefer something no wider tha Zebralight sc62...
  12. recDNA

    Pacific Tactical Solutions?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I don't know where to post this. Is still in business? I just got an order confirmation from them. It also listed In the order confirmation. It didn't ask me to click a link or do anything but said my order will...
  13. recDNA

    Is Ding in Battery Dangerous

    My cell phone battery has some dings. I ordered from the bay. Seems to charge OK but seeking expert opinions about whether you think it is safe to use? Thanks!
  14. recDNA

    Coleman CPX6 Rechargeable 6 volt battery

    Does anybody know of a brick and mortar that sells these batteries? LL Bean used to but not in Massachusetts stores anymore. ****s sells them online but I don't believe they are in stores. There is a high failure rate so I prefer to buybin a store where I can return a faulty unit if necessary. I...
  15. recDNA

    Hi CRI XPL-2 in a Flashlight?

    I just read there are HI CRI XPL-2 LED's. Are they vaporwear or does anybody actually have one? Are there any current flashlights that are offered with this led? Thanks.
  16. recDNA

    Sold/Expired Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch

    WTB/WTT Got a working Gear 2 in excellent condition (2014 vintage not the new Gear) sitting around gathering dust? I'm interested in a Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch in excellent condition. I could buy or we could discuss flashlights + $ to trade.. USA only please. Mine works fine but has some...
  17. recDNA

    Any other (protected) RCR123 as short as AW?

    One reason I go with protected 16340 from AW is because they fit any CR123A flashlight I've used them in. I have used other brands that do not fit because they are too long. Once I even crushed one in a D25C and it went into thermal runaway until protection kicked in. Are there any other good...
  18. recDNA

    Friend Wants Lumens

    I'm trying to talk a buddy out of wasting $ in one of those atomic flashlights they try to sell on TV. He is strictly alkaline (preferably) or NiMH (only if absolutely no other choice.) He's looking for 500+ OTF ANSI lumens from a flashlight that holds multiple AA or C (alkaline only for C)...
  19. recDNA

    2015 Eagletac D25A XP-L HI

    Has anyone done a review of the 2015 Eagletac D25A XP-L HI? I'm very curious about the tint and the output with 14500 battery? The Eagletac website fails to give the output of the D25C and D25A with li ion. I can only find numbers with CR123A and AA. I see no mention of the tint of the XP-L HI...
  20. recDNA

    Sold/Expired All Sold or Withdrawn Surefire E1e w MN01 bulb - Quark ti 123x2 -

    All sold or withdrawn. For sale in USA only. Please do not attempt to purchase if you do not have a residential address in USA. Prices include USPS shipping within USA. Each light is for sale separately at prices listed below. If seriously interested in purchasing two pm for special price...