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    Incan versus LED...

    I work inside truck trailers on swingshift. Been doing the job for three years now. Started with small incans- single AAA and single/double AA styles- pocket pen lights, focusable mags. Tried the cheapo led upgrade which wasn't much of an upgrade light wise but good battery wise. They (the...
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    Your view on Led Lenser David Series

    David Brands is the president of the company. Went to high school a year ahead of him in the 70s. Maybe it is named after him but not sure about it.
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    Your view on Led Lenser David Series

    I used the david 15 for a while at work every day inside unlit truck trailers on swingshift to read labels on palletized freight. Liked the the small size which I could hold in my mouth if needed to read and work at the same time. Fairly bright for a single AA light at the time (about a...
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    Cleaning my Coast 1 cr123 led lensor...

    I use mine to read labels on palleted freight inside unlit truck trailers during late swingshift. The size is great for being in my pocket and the brightness is just right as well. My car light is the 150 lumen Taskforce Cree. Have sold one of my Gerber incans and have one left to get rid...
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    Cleaning my Coast 1 cr123 led lensor...

    Washed my work clothes Saturday and threw them in the dryer Sunday night. Kept hearing a clunk in the dryer and had no clue what it was... Turned out I'd left my little edc led lensor in the utility pocket after work. Mildly annoyed and partly fearful of a ruined light, I turned on the...
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    Inova X5 (white)

    A work buddy brought one in last night.... I use a Coast 1-CR123 luxeon every day most of the day at work (swingshift). The Inova was "almost" as bright on the work table comparison. We did not do a throw test side by side but I'd suspect it would have a wider beam but probably not as far...
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    OMG - NEW Lowes Task Force 3W "CREE" 2C 150+ lumens

    Clackamas Or still had at least 4 on Saturday. I go there at least once every two weeks on the way to work and they had 4 or so Saturday
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    LED Vs. Incan

    Inspector, $30 Lowes 150lumen LED Taskforce. Easy buy, easy to return if you don't like it. One of the brightest easy to find off the shelf lights available right now. Good luck. It has a Cree led and make sure the package says 60x on it.
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    OMG - NEW Lowes Task Force 3W "CREE" 2C 150+ lumens

    Got mine yesterday at Clackamas Lowes in PortlandOR For the price an excellent throw. It compares in brightness to my 150 lumen Gerber Incan which is a much better quality light buildwise (hence the double cost over the Taskforce) Has a tighter spot than the Gerber incan. I don't...
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    Cabelas XPG 12 Volt

    I had the Sportsmans version for awhile this year. Loved it. I bought the Cabelas high powered head and it screwed right onto the body. The output wasn't much brighter, however. The 4 cr123s push a lot of light. They sold 1, 2, 3, and 4 battery versions and recalled them all. After...
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    How many of you use (or have to use) a light at your job?

    Teamster dock worker/hyster driver. Work either swingshift or graveyard. Use my LED every day inside trailers that have no lights to identify freight by pro number/address. Used a Coast 1-AA led for a while. Upgraded to a Coast 1-CR123 for about the last year. Like the small size and...
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    Just bought a Gerber RX1050

    The one I bought has no spare bulb.
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    Just bought a Gerber RX1050

    just over 60
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    Just bought a Gerber RX1050

    Casual visit to Sportsmans Warehouse turned up an incandenscent made by Gerber. RX1050 uses 3-cr123s and says 150 lumens on the package. It is not as bright as my former recalled 4-cr123 sportsmans xenon but bright enough for me as an off the shelf buy. The batteries are some offbrand and...
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    Product Recall (July 2007): Sportsman's Warehouse Xenon Flashlights

    Came from another post. What is curious to me is why not just replace the batteries with SF batteries that are sold at Sportsmans? The counter lady told me the LED lights are recalls as well- no receipt needed. The light is a great light IMO. The options (if I return it) are Cabelas...
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    Sportsmans warehouse Xenon Recall.....

    Went to buy another led (coast 1-cr123) from Sportmans yesterday- I use it at work everyday and it is a great light that fits in my pocket nicely....along with a purchase of batteries. Once there, I was checking out the rack lights and the Xenon-6/9/12volt Sportsmans flashlights are no longer...
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    3W 2x123 light from Sportsmans Warehouse

    Yep, I bought that one when it first came out. Only returned because I was spoiled by temporary clickie. Bright little critter. Excellent first buy IMO. I remember it being rated at 72 lumens.
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    Cabelas XPG X-TREME LI Flashlight (500 Lumen)

    Now we're talking my kind of money. If SW had one of those on the shelf I'd have it today. Hopefully they will get a clone soon. I love my existing 12volt xenon SW light but always want more horsepower.
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    12 Volt XPG Cabela (240 and 180 lumen heads)

    I'm with you Rusty Joe. I've been posting about this light since last fall and get little to no response. Have the SW version and bought the Cabelas 240 watt head. Throw-wise I"d say the two are the same but the 240 has a wider spill area. Awesome for the price in my book...
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    Cheapest 3w, NOT Mag Light

    Sportsmans warehouse house brand light. 3watt luxeon. Rated 72lumen on the package. $40 Uses two Cr123 batteries. Reverse clickie switch, no momentary on. Small, relatively bright. Bought one twice and returned twice because I need the momentary function. Good hunting.