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  1. ElectronGuru

    MOFF Speed Switch for BOSS

    Introducing MOFF Speed Switch: Read here for introduction Watch here to see how it works
  2. ElectronGuru

    Triple v5.1 Engine - 4 Mode Pages, 8 Modes Per Page, Double Click, Faster Pins

    Following from the venerable Triple 5.0 page, this 5.1 page continues with new features, information and discussion. Subscribe here for announcements and changes. First up, Insider 75! A) Demonstration Videos B) Levels & Colors C) Serial Number 1. Put your light into...
  3. ElectronGuru

    Oveready E optic and mule Heads + 18mm E2C Bodies

    Introducing our new E Host and flashlight series There's a challenge to putting 18mm cells into 16mm E bodies. We've solved this, creating E2P bodies with full thickness E threads at the top, 18mm compatible tube in the middle, and P compatible threads at the bottom. Borrowing from our Z...
  4. ElectronGuru

    Oveready Service Update

    My wife Sarah has experienced a medical event requiring my attention. We are actively shipping but please forgive communication delays during this period as we work to get her help.
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    Starving for light, how exposure to natural light effects our lives Far beyond the media’s periodic expostulations about SAD, disruptive evening blue light, and vitamin D deficiencies, we’ve learned that: more daytime light boosts a baby’s sleep 24/7 bright lights in ICUs harm patients circadian...
  6. ElectronGuru

    Oveready Service update

    Running colds here at OR HQ 🤧 Unable ship packages or properly help customers, with delays stretching back to last week. We need this week to get well and hopefully catch up, with normal operations resuming next week. This also delays anticipated product releases, including black BOSS and new...
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    New OVEREADY website

    Announcement We are switching to a new web site, the transition will go like so: 1) keep old site on the main domain: 2) establish new site on a temporary domain: 3) spend a week kicking the tires and confirming functions (now) 4) redirect the...
  8. ElectronGuru

    Oveready Unified P60 Hosts

    Introducing our new Unified Host series We reimagined the P60 format itself. Cutting the head and body out of a single piece of metal makes the tailcap easier to rotate while reducing complexity and improving heat transfer to the surface. Loaded from the top, your light engines are also closer...
  9. ElectronGuru

    RIP: Marshall Hoots (going gear)

    Looks like Marshal has past away...
  10. ElectronGuru

    v5 Triple Scout / E Series Heads

    More examples:
  11. ElectronGuru

    Oveready / TorchLAB Clothing - Hoodies & Teeshirts

    With the popularity of BOSS, we've had renewed interest in branded clothing. Rather than stock them directly, we've lined up a shop to collect orders, print, and ship directly. Choose your form, size, and color. First batch closes next month!:
  12. ElectronGuru

    Oveready Clip Store

    Oveready Clip Store Putting together a comprehensive selection of clips: First up, a few favorites from our past: What clips would you like to see?
  13. ElectronGuru

    v5 Triple BOSS Flashlight (Bright Output Small Size)

    Current pages Previous pages BOSS 35 (1x18350): BOSS 70 (2x18350 & 1x18650): And combo Pack 35 + 70 with both bodies above: Size comparisons 7075 vs 6061, Titanium, and Steel 7075 Aluminum Yield Strength: 73,000psi Ultimate Tensile Strength: 83,000psi Shear...
  14. ElectronGuru

    Custom Knurled E Series McClicky Tailcaps

    Got a few E series tailcaps ready to ship, in solid copper and titanium:
  15. ElectronGuru

    TorchLAB V5 Triple LED drop ins - Programming, 3500L, Secondary LED

    v5 Thread TOC Master v5 Release Anncounce v5 Board & Technical Info Moddoolar v5 Wasp V5 Triple LED drop ins (you are here) v5 Upgraded Surefire E1/E2
  16. ElectronGuru

    Oveready Upgraded Surefire x300u Weapon Lights

    Upgrade your weapon light to unheard of power levels Three default levels, with full programming after delivery This is for the x300, x300u, and y300u:
  17. ElectronGuru

    Oveready Mule Drop In

    Ready to ship:
  18. ElectronGuru

    v5 Lights & Heads & Drops - Master Update and Release Thread

    Subscribe to this thread for stock related updates of v5 products. v5 Thread TOC Master v5 Release Anncounce (you are here) v5 Board & Technical Info Moddoolar v5 Wasp V5 Triple LED drop ins v5 Upgraded Surefire E1/E2
  19. ElectronGuru

    Oveready Spares Cases (optics, orings, etc)

    Keep your tiny parts together and ready to swap, with our new spares case:
  20. ElectronGuru

    Designing the Perfect Flashlight

    I have been watching your preferences for a long time and do have some ideas for the ideal RecDNA flashlight, so even if you miss out you may not be missing out. :naughty: