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  1. stephenk

    FREEME. MATEMINCO FW2 LEP 18650/18350 Flashlight

    Good to see LEP prices coming down. Last mode memory would be nice though.
  2. stephenk

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Convoy M3-C XHP70.2 5000k - purchased due to it's ability to sustained 1,500 lumens.
  3. stephenk

    4680 cell lights

    Tesla ones won't, but 48600 made by other manufacturers may do if there is a market for them.
  4. stephenk

    Acebeam X50 High CRI Value 95 Photography Fill Light

    Looks amazing!
  5. stephenk

    NITECORE HC68 Headlamp Giveaway - Enter to Win!

    Is this open to people who don't live in the USA?
  6. stephenk

    Suggestions to XTAR in new year 2022

    A replacement for the VP4 Plus Dragon, that can rival the Vapcell S4+ features. Longer slots, voltage during charging (to 2 decimal places), % charged during charging, charging current, charged current, temperature.
  7. stephenk

    Favorite budget light 2022

    Convoy still dominate the budget flashlight scene in 2022. The 95CRI GT-FC40 is appearing in more and more flashlights, and in 4 CCTs. Nichia B35AM and 519A emitters already in multiple lights or coming soon. 7 LED soda can light in the works. A new diffuser for the M3/M3-C range... ... and...
  8. stephenk

    [Closed] NITECORE P10iX Flashlight Giveaway - Enter to Win!

    Nitecore - can you please go back to using constant frequency strobes. The change to alternating frequency strobe in the last few years is killing your sales to light painting photographers.
  9. stephenk

    Acebeam new and innovative and EDC & Tactical P15 now is ready!

    That is good news. Light painting photographers prefer constant frequency.
  10. stephenk

    Acebeam new and innovative and EDC & Tactical P15 now is ready!

    Is the strobe constant or alternating frequency?
  11. stephenk

    Convoy M21D battery question newbie

    Unprotected li-ion are fine as long as you don't abuse them.
  12. stephenk

    Question on Klarus XT11S

    The Klarus XT11S is a now very old light. There are many newer lights better heat handling and sustained brightness such as the Noctigon KR1 SST-40, Fenix E35 V3.0, or Convoy M21B SST-40.
  13. stephenk

    [Review] - Fenix PD35 v3.0 - 1700 lumens, SFT40 LED - by Lock

    Thanks for the review. I assume that Fenix are still using alternating frequency strobes?
  14. stephenk

    Convoy M21D just ordered. Batteries?

    I use a Samsung 50E in mine, though it only just meets the current requirements. Samsung 40T, Molicell P42A or M50A, Sony/Murata US21700VTC6A are other options amongst others.
  15. stephenk

    What’s your EDC essentials?

    House keys with (6 years old) BLF A01 keychain light, wallet, public transport smart card, phone.
  16. stephenk

    Andúril user's manual

    Ramp max 120/150 on the KR4 and other lights that use that firmware is the highest regulated level. I do see a blip when is reaches 7/7 on stepped brightness.
  17. stephenk

    What's your favorite UI design on flashlights?

    There isn't one perfect UI, it depends on the purpose of the light: My favourite for general use is Convoy's Biscotti/12-Group - easy to use, programmable, last mode memory includes strobe, shame about the alternating frequency strobe. My favourite for light painting photography - Ryu's...
  18. stephenk

    Wanting an Amber LED flashlight, what Amber LED would be best?

    The Osram CSLNM1.FY is an excellent orange-yellow emitter. It is full spectrum instead of the usual monochromatic colour emitters. It is available in the Convoy S2+ and some other lights.
  19. stephenk

    Fenix Fenix PD36R vs PD36 TAC: What Are the Differences?

    Fenix - you really need to replace the alternating frequency strobes with constant frequency strobes. It would make your lights much more marketable to light painting photographers.
  20. stephenk

    P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

    I have three KDLITKER E6 triple XP-E2 colour drop-ins and they are excellent. The Blue XP-E2 is much nicer than the almost violet Forensic/Royal Blue found on most RGB flashlights.