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    Wanted: Malkoff MDC 3.4-6V head MDC 5700K cool white

    I am looking for a Malkoff MDC 3.4-6V head in Cool White (5700K) Have a Malkoff MDC 3.4-6V head Neutral white 4000K 80CRI in mint condition to trade for the above. CONUS only.
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    Cool White (5700K) Cree XP-L versus Neutral White (4000K 80 CRI) Cree XP-L

    I have both and can't figure out which one best reflects reality. Seems neither one does. My MDC cool white is a bit off of course like all cool whites but it's not nasty by any means. The 4000K CRI seems kind of off all also. It paints things a bit too much yellow while the above paints...
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    Lanyards > clips

    I could never get the clip concept to work. Seems like it's pretty easy to lose a light clipped to a pocket. Knives also fall in the same category. Just easier and safer to put the light in the pocket. Not to mention more discreet. I work in a business casual environment so clips are an...
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    WTB: Surefire E2D body

    Looking for a reasonably-priced SF E2D body (2x123) I can mate with my Malkoff 6V MDC head. Maybe also a E-series tailcap.
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    MDC 16650 on 1x123

    Have an MDC 3.4-6V head. It runs well on a 18350 of course. Don't have a 2x123 body but wonder how well it will run on a single 123 primary. I was able to get it to fire on one but wonder at what voltage it cuts off. I also have the MDC 2.3-3.2V head and that should run better than the above...
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    Rebuilding laptop battery with new 18650s

    So I swapped out my MSI GT80 Titan's battery, it was 7 years old and developed decreased runtime (not that it was every very good on a monster gaming laptop) but lately also developed very high self-discharge rates. As in, a fully charged battery would go lose 30% of the charge in a week. I...
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    Alkaline battery vented in MDC-AA

    I got my Malkoff MDC-AA and I am pretty sure it's the alkalines that did this, apparently they vented. I don't see any signs of leakage. It didn't leak, it specifically vented. I also briefly ran Energizer Lithiums in it and they could have also done it, I suppose. But I left the alkalines...
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    WTB: Malkoff MD2 tailcap switches

    Looking for several standard MD2/MD4 tailcap switches. Cosmetic condition is not that important
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    Better headband for MD2

    I have the Malkoff headband but it doesn't work very well with a heavy MD2, I don't like the Velcro in it, there is no adjustment on the top strap. I installed a small 1x123 light in it and that's about all it can handle. Still don't want to get a dedicated headlight but rather recycle my...
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    Are these protected NCR18650B batteries?

    Аre these protected? They look like their length indicates there is a protected circuit but on the other hand, it says NCR18650B on them. Could it be the NCR18650B was just the basis for a protected cell, if so, who added the PCB? Secondly, what are these batteries? They look very much like...
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    Improvised headlamp - Malkoff plus Quark Mini ML

    I got the Malkoff headlamp holder, just the band itself. I tried using it with various Malkoffs (MD2) and Surefire G2x and just didn't like it. The light was too heavy, it wasn't mounted correctly, I had this feeling it would slip out from the headband. So I got my Four Sevens Quark, the 1x123...
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    My thoughts on the moonlight mode

    I've had a light with a moonlight mode, one of these 0.2L modes and I constantly switched to the next low mode, which was probably 10-15 lumens. It was so totally dim as to be useless just about 99% of the time. Every time I used it, I said to myself, damn, this sucks, I need more light to get...
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    Zoomie is the most fun you can have for a few bucks

    This is one of the cheapest lights you can get, in fact it cost me nothing - it was included in the package I got from a battery place. It zooms from a total, huge flood to this bizarre tight square. I keep reaching for this light more and more versus my more sophisticated Malkoffs. I get it...
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    quick-detach 1" light mount for picatinny rail?

    Want to mount a 1" body to a picatinny rail, need a quick-detach mount. Thinking about these: or these: Any other options? I think I would like the mount to stay with the light so...
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    M61 and M61T Lux

    I am running M61T in MD2 / 18650 and M61, latest-greatest version in an MD3/2x18500. The lux of the latter M61 seems to be equal to lux of M61T. I always thought M61T had a much higher lux. Could it be that the dual cell configuration gives it that much more boost? M61 is very impressive. 470...
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    What cameras use 18650 batteries?

    Looking for a camera that uses 18650s batteries.
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    Malkoff MDC 2xAA review

    Amazingly I haven't had a 2xAA light in 15 years, in the early days of my hobby I had a Fenix and then some MiniMags which I never really used versus 18650-based lights. I know I can load a 9P type with 2xAA, they kind of fit, if you wrap them around in something. About 6 "dollars" bills do the...
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    Malkoff AA combinations

    I will exclude the MDC 1xAA and 2xAA configuration from the lineup, instead talk about the strange AA combinations that are possible. First and the most obvious one is the MD3 with 2xAA cells. I first tried it with an old M60LL way back when, it obviously wasn't as bright as the light on 3x123...
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    WTB: Malkoff MDC 1AA or 2AA, Elzetta G-Line EDC AA

    WTB/WTT: Malkoff MDC 1xAA or 2xAA Elzetta G-Line EDC AA WTT: Malkoff M61LLL for M61LLLL (4L)
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    1 lumen single mode 1xAA with great tint

    Looking for a 1xAA that runs on Lithiums L91s, Eneloops, Alklalines.. Between 0.5-1 (one) lumen but don't need "true" moonlight mode Single mode, don't need complex electronics bulletproof Great tint Twisty Waterproof Battery vampire Lanyard carry mode Ideally under $30 Kinda of an updated...