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    What up. :):poke::popcorn::buttrock:
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    [POLL] SURE•FIRE LASER PRODUCTS 6P Classic Round Body: Modify or leave stock?

    It seems like it's silly to mod it since there are a ton of clone bodies on the market you can use to get a similar look. I'd leave it stock, enjoy the history and build/mod a second light. But you should do what brings you the most enjoyment from your lights. They're just flashlights, not...
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    HDS Any idea for my EDC Ultimate 60?

    Sorry, just saw this. Glad Hogo got you squared away!
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    Dear Surefire, please bring back HA III Nat, knurling, and flats

    THIS. How they ever could have let him get away is completely beyond me. They should have tripled his salary. I love my old SureFires, and there are still a few old ones I'd like to track down someday, but I barely track their new offerings anymore.
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    HDS Any idea for my EDC Ultimate 60?

    There is one currently listed for sale in the HDS Facebook group. It is part of package deal, but perhaps you could make an offer.
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    So the Nobel Laureate committee....

    Has seen fit to award the 2014 prize in physics to the inventors of the blue LED. It can't be long now before Don's reflectors are recognized. The award for most pleasing redistribution of photons goes to..... Don McLeish! :party:
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    Titanium Collections II

    Holy Cannoli, Troy!! You own all 3 of the Ti 27LTs??!!
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    AA MiniMag Collection - Part 4

    There are TWO red Bush lights? Can you post pics? Looks like I am on another hunt.... :party:
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    AquaMule and AquaRam 18650 lights ** Terra versions added**

    Re: AquaMule and AquaRam 18650 lights Don, I just saw these. They look fantastic!! Lots of good stuff here of late. Congrats!! :thumbsup: :wave:
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    Sold/Expired FS: McGizmo Titanium PD light

    Re: FS : McGizmo Titnaium PD light This is correct. You need 3 of them. :devil: :wave:
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    AA MiniMag Collection - Part 4

    There are a couple you have mentioned that I haven't come across. If you have pics of the following, or more info on them, can you please post them or PM them to me? Matt Kenseth Richard Petty Here's my list of what exists (I only collect AA, AAA & Solis). I am only missing three from my...
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    AA MiniMag Collection - Part 4

    Sorry, brother. I totally missed this. PM inbound!
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    What's new on the McGizmo horizon?

    The women in my life seem to prefer the Sapphire. With the exception of my girlfriend who prefers a SF A2 and M4. Gotta love her. :thumbsup:
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    Once thought to be dead, the Mule is now revived!

    Re: My Mule is now dead. Which Mule?
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    AA MiniMag Collection - Part 4

    Welcome back, Dana. I am sorry for your losses and hardships. These are the NASCAR lights I have come across. I only collect AAs and Solis, so I don't know about D cell lights. I have all of these with the exception of the no print NASCAR Spectrum and the knurled Bill Elliot. If anyone has...
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    To mill, or not to mill, that is the question:

    Do it!! :wave:
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    Will The Classic Ti-PD Ever Be Produced Again?

    Years ago, I thought it could be produced again. We just needed someone amongst us to step up and offer to purchase 99,900 extra boards with their light. Just think -- you could tile your cabana with them. Now, it seems like Don has moved on in his thinking as to what is the best interface to...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Extremely high powered aspherical lenses.

    Re: FS: Extremely high powered aspherical lenses. If there is a set left, I would like one.
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    Some of My Favorite McGizmo's

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    McE2S for C/M bodies - prototype evaluated !!!

    I wasn't intending to be tongue in cheek, although rereading it, it does sound that way! Just thought there might have been something in the history books I may have missed.... Apologies if the question was off topic. :wave: