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    WTB - Thrunite Catapult V6 SST70

    Must be SST70 and in Neutral White Paypal ready PM me if you have one you'd like to move on Thanks
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    Sold/Expired WTB Nitecore TM26

    Still looking Had someone PM with one but he never followed up
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    Toughest EDC Folder?

    Good choice :thumbsup: Here in Michigan it is illegal to carry a fixed blade unless you're hunting or LE otherwise I would definitely carry a FB everyday.
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    Toughest EDC Folder?

    There are advantages to carrying a knife with disposable blades, I suppose. Hacking up cardboard and being able to snap in a new blade at will would be great. I had one at some point. Used it mostly for sharpening pencils in the field. However, whether or not a person is willing to use a...
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    Toughest EDC Folder?

    The Hinderer XM-18 (3" & 3.5" blade) and larger XM-24 (4" blade) would be my picks for toughest sub-custom knives. Close runner ups are the Strider SnG (3.5" blade) and the SMF (4" blade). All of these knives are considered mid-tech knives. Mid-tech's fall between production knives and...
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    got a defective Benchmade 940 Osborne!

    I'm surprised Benchmade didn't respond promptly. I've had nothing but excellent service from them. Sounds like you got a used knife from Amazon. Doesn't sound like Benchmade is at fault in your case. Was it represented a new? At least Amazon will take it back. If you're set on the...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: ArmyTek C1 Prime Pro v3 warm XP-L and Tiara Pro v2 C1 XM-L Warm

    Re: FS: Olight S1 & ArmyTek C1 Prime Pro v3 warm XP-L :paypal:
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: ArmyTek C1 Prime Pro v3 warm XP-L and Tiara Pro v2 C1 XM-L Warm

    Re: FS: Olight S1 & ArmyTek C1 Prime Pro v3 warm XP-L I'll take the Olight S1 PM me your info and I'll send the funds
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    Sold/Expired WTB Nitecore TM26

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a Nitecore TM26 Shoot me a PM if you have one you're looking to sell
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    Sold/Expired McGizmo Haiku with XP-G

    I have this McGizmo Haiku with XP-G for sale It has been carried but is still in very good condition. I've only run about 2 batteries through it. Non-beadblast with etched clip There are some minor carry marks but they are difficult to see. Second picture shows the worst but it's not...
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    Prometheus Lights alpha Series from Darksucks Info

    I have one and I like it quite a bit. I'm new(ish) to custom flashlights and may not be as well versed in the finer points but I know quality when I see it and the Alpha is a very high quality light. I have production lights that are about 1/2 the price but the Alpha is much more than twice as...
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    Sold/Expired FS: Mac, McGizmo, Bulk, Overready, SPY AOH Holster, MORE ADDED

    Re: FS: Mac, McGizmo, Bulk, Overready, and more. I'll take back up on the Dark case something falls through
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    Great, something else I'm going lust after :)
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    A flashlight brand you can REALLY trust ?

    HDS/Ra - Nearly bulletproof and has always been 100% reliable for me
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    Where do you buy your lights?

    Almost exclusively online. I usually buy used from individuals or new from reputable dealers. I have yet to find a brick and mortar store that carries lights that I am interested in
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    What do you keep next to your bed?

    I keep a Nitecore ex10 on my nightstand. This is my nighttime light because it has a slot milled in the piston and a green trit installed. Super easy to find in the dark!
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    Lanyard Yes or No

    For me no lanyard. I've tried them on my lights and my knives and they seem to get in the way more than help with deployment Although for some reason I keep going back to a lanyard for a week or so about once a year but always end up taking it off because it's more of a PIA
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    Ti Mule Nichia 119 High CRI - Arrived !! - Lots of images

    I think it's time I finally order a custom light. To the OP: Excellent pics but I prefer the LP to the Strat :)
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    Sold/Expired WTB: McGizmo Haiku XP-G

    Like the title says, looking for a McGizmo Haiku XP-G non bead blast E-mail or PM me. I'm paypal ready