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    Yeti/Klean Kanteen Lot — PRICE DROP

    All items are used, but in great condition. There are some minor hairline scratches from use, but no dents dings etc. The Klean Kanteen has a Yeti Sticker on it. That was my wife’s attempt to get me to stop buying additional Yeti products :). It failed….. I’d like $80 shipped for all...
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    Sold/Expired First Light Torq — SPF

    This light is like new. It is the Coyote Tan color. Secondary leds are red, blue and green. Primary is cool white. It runs about 10 hours on 2xAA batteries on high. Longer on the lower settings. It's a nice angle head light that is very versatile. I'd like $60 shipped in USA. Comes with box. I...
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    Sold/Expired Yeti SS 64 oz Rambler — PRICE DROP

    I have two used Ramblers. Both are stainless steel color and 64oz. They are in great shape. No dents are bad scratches. There is minor wear like hairline scratches. The lid is the older lid, not the chug lid they come with currently. Appear to be a discontinued color. I’d like $45 shipped...
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    Sold/Expired Elzetta, Maglite and extras (PRICE REDUCTION 3/5)

    $45 shipped in USA for everything. Included is a like new Elzetta edc rcr123a. Packaging, paperwork, charging cable, battery and lanyard all included. Battery is unused. The 2xaa maglite is the warm white led version. I believe it is considered high cri. It is essentially new. Will come...
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    Sold/Expired Malkoff MD2 hi/low M61N

    This light is basically new. I don’t see any damage what so ever and it has only been lightly used. Comes with hi/lo switch and the tri cap. M61N also included. The most recent version. I’d like $135 shipped in USA. USA shipping is preferred, but pm me if you are not in the USA and we can...
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    Sold/Expired Malkoff M61W SOLD

    This drop in is basically new. I just prefer the neutral. Probably has less than 30 minutes of use. Most likely less than 20. I’d like $40 shipped. I’ll post pics asap. I just wanted to get this listed. Thanks!
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    First Light USA Torq Problem

    I have an older Torq and it has been stepping down in brightness regardless of the age of the batteries. I’ve tried multiple sets of batteries and nothing seems to correct the problem. I get full output for a few seconds then it steps down a level. Does anyone have any ideas.
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    I have a Streamlight 2LX that isn’t getting used. It has 10 tap programming with three modes. High output is listed at 500 Lumens. Tint is cool white. It runs on 1x18650 or 2xcr123a cells. No batteries included. Light is in excellent condition but does have som minor scratches on the clip...
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    I’m looking for elzetta parts and complete lights. Users are fine. I need a 2 or 3 cell body, high/low switch and a 5” tape switch. 3rd gen Alpha would be nice too. Please let me know.
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    WITHDRAWN. Customlites/Nailbender & Elzetta AVS Head

    All items are in like new condition. Prices include shipping in USA. Contact me about international shipping. 1. I have two Customlites single mode 90+ XML2 drop ins. Only one comes with the outer spring for Solarforce hosts. Both will work fine Surefire hosts. These drop ins are a bit...
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    (All Sold) Surefire G2s w/ Malkoff M61WLL

    I have two Yellow Surefire G2s that look new for sale. Both include the most recent Malkoff M61WLL with SST led. One light will include 4 new 16650s and the other will include two new 16650s. $90 shipped for the G2 with 4 batteries and $80 shipped the G2 with 2 batteries. I’ll take $165 for...
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    Thor’s Hammer and Solarforce (ALL SOLD)

    All prices are shipped in the USA. First I’ll take it gets it. 1. Thor’s Hammer Holster for 1” flashlights. Will work with Surefire 6P like lights. It is black leather with spring steel clip. There is an eagle stamp on the front of the holster. I’d like $40 shipped. It is like new. No...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Malkoff MD2 x2 W/M61W

    I have two Malkoff MD2s for sale. They have the high/low switch installed and the current high cri M61W. I’d like $125 shipped each. Both are basically new. Tested each but didn’t really use them. Bought the new design on a whim and haven’t been using them...... Price is USA shipping only...
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    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN: Customlites XML2 90cri 3000k 2 mode drop in

    For sale is a P60 drop in by Customlites. It is 2 mode, high & low. It has the high cri XML2 3000k led. It’s like new. Has some use but not much. Reflector is textured. I’d like $30 shipped in USA. First I’ll take it gets it.
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - Malkoff Legos

    I have two hosts for sale. The single cell is a complete light. 1. 16650 Malkoff body and lumens factory e to c head. It has been carried but still looks new. I can’t see any scuffs or dings. I’d like $65 shipped. 2. 1x123a MDC body with unshrouded tail, lumens factory e to c head...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - Malkoff M61WL

    I have two M61WL drop ins for sale. They are both the current version that are high cri. I’d like $40 shipped each. Pics will be posted later. Both are basically new. No damage at all and very little use. I just prefer the M61wll.
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    Sold/Expired ALL SOLD: Malkoff MDC 18650 Body w/Batteries

    Body looks new but there is a light scuff on the clip. It will come with 6 18650 KeepPower cells. 4 are basically new. The other two have some use. I’d like $115 shipped in USA. This is the non shrouded version of the body. Batteries include plastic cases. Body is sold. Batteries still...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - Malkoff MD4 w/ HD Neutral XPL and Wildcat V7 Neutral Heads

    For sale are Malkoff MD4 body with a current version Hound Dog XPL neutral and Wildcat V7 neutral hicri. All parts are like new (same condition as came from Gene). No scratches, dings etc. I’ll get pics posted later today. Pricing: Head only: $125 each shipped Head and Body: $190...
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    Sold/Expired ALL SOLD: Surefire M4, M6, Malkoff Incan Lego, Customlites and extras

    All prices are shipped in the USA. Contact me about international shipping. Will consider a trade for a current version Hicri Malkoff Wildcat. 1. Surefire M4: This light has a few dings. See pics. It comes with on stock I can bulb, a lumens factory drop in. The stock bulb and led drop in...
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    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN: Surefire/Malkoff 10/25 E2E Executive Body and tail added.

    Plans change and things come up. Grab these before I withdraw them. I’m not sold on letting this stuff go. 1. Surefire G3: Recently acquires. It is in excellent shape. The P90 bulb has some life left, but I wouldn’t expect much. It is a bit cloudy. Host is excellent looking. I’d like...