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  1. fulee9999

    Do you remember your first?

    Because of a thread on a different forum I decided to measure the CRI on my phone, because someone said that "phone lights are high CRI" and I was like there is no way that's true. Well it's not, mine has a R8525 4500K LED, but that's not my current point. So while I had the spectrometer out, I...
  2. fulee9999

    WTB: Novatac SPL120

    looking for a decent condition SPL120, rail mount and remote switch not important
  3. fulee9999

    Victorinox multi-tool oil to the rescue ( of a Hand Tool Rescue )

    as someone who owns several victorinox multi-tools - and a few simple folding knives as well, - I previously purchased a vic oil to use on my gear after cleaning, and it's a very weird little oil, because it lubricates the metal parts, but rubs away on hand contact fairly easily, meaning you can...
  4. fulee9999

    Leatherman Rebar - The Sofirn of multitools?

    After using my Victorinox Multitool for a good while and having had the strange occurence once of not having it on me when I needed one, I decided to buy a second multitool, and knowing that Leatherman is very popular in the US I decided to buy one. I needed one that can easily fit on my belt...
  5. fulee9999

    Elzetta/Malkoff/SureFire candela/lumen comparison

    Hey everyone, Recently I've been trying to figure out just how much percieved light comes out of certain flashlights, and what I found is that the most useful for me was to use OTF ( out the front A.K.A. actual ) lumens and candela combined to try and figure out how the beam will look like at...
  6. fulee9999

    WTB: Elzetta KAC

    Hey everyone, I spotted something that really caught my attention and I'd like to have it, however it only ships to US and I'm in the EU. Would anyone be willing to buy the light for me and post to the EU? I have link a to the shop, and it's in stock ( supposedly ). I can pay upfront, paypal...
  7. fulee9999

    SureFire C series two-stage tail?

    Hey everyone, The last couple of days I've started messing around with my older non-user lights, and modding some of them made a huge difference ( go figure ) and I came to an impass with some. So my issue is that I detest the click X times for Y mode, so my EDC lights are always high-only or...
  8. fulee9999

    Malkoff M61N

    Hey everyone, I was doing some reading up on CRI and R-values, and I couldn't find a concise answer, but can it be that the new SST20 drop-in is actually a R9590 one?! I'm pretty sure it has an Ra value of 95, but do we have an R9 measurement for it somewhere? Thanks!
  9. fulee9999

    SureFire USMC?

    hey everyone, I've seen some "rare" SureFire USMC edition lights on some sites, and turns out they are in fact pretty rare. I can't really find any decent info on it, but it seems like there was a G2X USMC and a P6X-D USMC edition. Does anyone have any more info on these lights? How/when were...
  10. fulee9999

    Malkoff VME/MDX/etc vs C/E thread

    I'm trying to come up with a few lego builds, but the more I research the more confusing it gets. So my current understanding is that the Malkoff VME head is compatible with Oveready E35/E70 hosts, and some SureFires... SureFire E series from what I gather from the website, but what does that...
  11. fulee9999

    Ripoffs CO-30 legacy

    Does anyone know of a worthy successor to the CO30? I've found it in two stores in the US, but the shipping to EU was on average 100$, so it's not really an option. It has to meet the following requirements: - it can sheathe a SureFire 6P / Streamlight Scorpion / Malkoff MD2 without being bulky...