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    Happy Veterans Day

    For all the vets out there.
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    Torque Test Channel

    Test of some mainstream high lumen lights with no losers and a bit of a surprise. These guys are pretty good.
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    Automotive 6054 options

    Bought a 1992 Toyota pickup. Looking at GE Nighthawks. Are they any good or what else is out there?
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    Brinkmann 4d

    A friend of mine got this light for a Christmas present and was excited about it because he thought it would be brighter than his 2d led maglite and it isn't. I took the head apart and it seems like it is the same style as the early maglite leds that fit into a PR type base. It is an incan bulb...
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    Christmas Streamlight question

    I got a Streamlight Polytac for Christmas and if I ever decide to put it down does it have standby drain and is it significant? Thanks