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    32650 options

    You might try here.
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    help with dead 18650 battery

    When you used HKJ method you paralled the cells. The good battery may have actually charged up the bad battery to 2.0v. They try to equalize in parallel. But I dont see why the pcb is not tripping at that voltage of 2.0v. Like norm says should be zero. I have not actually tested to see if the...
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    samsung 18650 2600 battery power source

    Divide your current draw from the mah capacity of the battery. 1000ma / 2600mah = 2.6hours or multiple x 60 = 156 minutes. If you will use a panasonic 3100mah or 3400mah 18650 cell you will achieve your 3 hour run time from a single cell. If you are going to be using 2600mah unprotected cells...
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    Looking for 16mm diameter LED drivers

    I thought a P60 would except 17mm drivers. May require sanding. You might try DX 26110 which can be modded for a 2amp current with its AX2002 IC. You might also try KD S005296.
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    Thermal compounds

    The chemical in those drain cleaners you are looking for is caustic soda. I use Roebic drain cleaner 100% caustic soda. Will eat through maglite anodizing in minutes with very little caustic soda in water.
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    parallel 18650 's

    In parallel they act as one 5200mah cell. Just make sure their voltage is the same before connecting them in parallel and you will be fine.
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    3up serial driver

    I assume your talking about DX sku 26110. Do a google search for ( 18V 5W Cree Circuit Board).
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    Adding a trim pot? Can it be done?

    Vestureofblood I'am going to go out on a limb here and say yes. But it will have some kind of additioal circuit to controll PWM. Basically a pot can control the brightness of the light by changing the duty cycle of the PWM. This driver should use PWM for its different modes by changing its duty...
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    regulated 3000mA

    They are no 4000mah lose cells on the market. The highest are the panasonic 3400mah. They are exaggerating the capacity in hopes you will buy them based only on the label not the actual capacity. Quality batteries cost more and do have their stated capacity like the panasonics. Here's member HKJ...
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    Recommend me a multi-meter please?

    Re: Good cheap volt meter? I have not had a problem with the 3 HF DMM's I purchased 2 years ago. The only thing I have done is calibrate them with a known good meter. One meter was out by .03v one .01v and the other was spot on. I keep one in the garage, one in the auto and the other in the...
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    Recommend me a multi-meter please?

    Re: Good cheap volt meter? +1 For general purpose measurements they will work fine. For precision work get a fluke.
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    DOE wants 5X battery power boost in 5 years

    Unless they are the one who holds the patent on the new high capacity battery. I agree again, if they had the market on a newer high capacity battery it would definitely not be cheap. Just look at a panasonic 2900mah vs a new 3400mah battery. Imagine the price of a 17000mah 18650.
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    DOE wants 5X battery power boost in 5 years

    The first Nimh's where in production in 1989. According to wikipedia the work on Nimh's started in 1967. 22 years of R&D to bring them to production. From the start of R&D of Nimh's to the current Nimh's of today 45 years. For DOE to get their wish it have to be some major breakthrough. I'm with...
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    Verifying CC/CV Charging Algorithm

    In series the DMM has to be in the circuit to measure the current going through the circuit. It passes through the DMM. In parallel you measure across the + and - to measure the voltage. Here's a guide for the DMM. Also if you have two DMM's you could do it with one charge cycle, using both at...
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    few machine questions

    Las3r, here is a similar thread on threading alot of good info there. Some of the best learning experiences I have is through trial and error. :ohgeez:You never, never forget the really bad ones.:oops: :poof:
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    3up serial driver

    You might find something here.
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    A linear regulator in series before a buck regulator

    Could it be possible to add PWM for low mode.
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    best budget thrower for exactly or under 20 bucks 1x18650

    @Cruzer, I have seen the hs-802 mentioned at 30,000 lux. Here's a good thread on throwers two whole pages worth. Lumens is a measure of the total amout of light and lux measures the intensity in a given area at a given distance. You can have a light with twice the lumens and the light with half...
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    A linear regulator in series before a buck regulator

    With a SPDT center off switch and the drivers wired in parallel with the switch breaking a single common from the source. Then each leg on the switch connected to the appropriate common of each driver with the outputs wired parallel to the led. Maybe. Not really sure if the outputs being in...