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  1. lion504

    Sold/Expired **Traded** WTS: HDS Rotary SW40 219B 4000K ***Head only***

    I’d like to sell my HDS Rotary SW40 219B 4000K head. Black bezel. Battery compartment is NOT included. Head is like new without blemish. Does not include original packaging. Selling because I’m moving to Montana and need something warmer. The SW40 has a nice neutral temp, perfect for those...
  2. lion504

    Sold/Expired WTT HDS SW40

    I’d like to trade my HDS Rotary 219B SW40 4000K for an SW30 model. Anyone want to switch, maybe tired of the warm beam and looking for a neutral option?.
  3. lion504

    Sold/Expired Skylumen p60 219b 3000k Potted

    Super pleased with this drop in. One of my best purchases. Tint and CRI are fantastic. And this is a true single cell omnivore! Love that I can use AA, AAA, and CR123 primaries, in addition to 18350, 18500, 18650s. And I don’t need the grounding spring in my Franken-6P. Bonus!
  4. lion504

    Sold/Expired Skylumen p60 219b 3000k Potted

    Surprised there wasn’t more interest in this drop-in. I’ve haven’t seen very many boost drivers - a light that works with basically any single cell (assuming the right spacer/adapter) is pretty rare. Plus the emitter should approximate an Incan. Pretty excited to try this one.
  5. lion504

    HDS HDS Systems #23

    Which emitter in that orange cerakote clicky?
  6. lion504

    Sold/Expired Skylumen p60 219b 3000k Potted

    Is the spring missing? Have to purchase separately?
  7. lion504

    HDS HDS Systems #23

    WoL's "Big HDS LED Compare Shot™" is the most anticipated event on the HDS thread since the Ti rotary release! :popcorn:
  8. lion504

    HDS HDS Systems #23

    Is a showel a special German invention for comparing a large number of HDS flashlights? 😉
  9. lion504

    HDS HDS Systems #23

    NB45 is rosy. NB40 is neutral. NB35 is golden.
  10. lion504

    Why do you still want a fixed body light, and not light pod ?

    Looks like it would attach to molle…
  11. lion504

    list your lights

    The A-Team HDS Rotary NB35 HDS Rotary NB40 Franken-69P w/ P60vn 519A 2700K BLF LT1 Surefire 6P w/ Malkoff M61W XP-G 4500K (wife's light in kitchen) Special Teams HDS Exec 18650 F89HG Surefire 6P w/ PflexPro XP-L HI 4300K Surefire G2 w/ Malkoff M31LLL V3 4000K M61LLL V3 4000k
  12. lion504

    What’s your all time favorite flashlight?

    For a long time it was my HDS F89HG. But now it’s the HDS Rotary sw35. Only 180 lumens, but they are oh so sweet. EDIT: Just realized I posted this twice. Guess I'm infatuated.