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  1. Umbrosoccer

    American made laptop edc bag

    This is a nice bag although a fair bit pricey for 239$ ! its waxed canvas and leather. Components are made in USA from NJ and Tannery in the new england area. Well made with quality items.
  2. Umbrosoccer

    Guardian Angel Elite 2022 Edition

    It has multiple LEDs and also a mono led for lighting. This is more for signaling but it does come in handy for hands free illumination.
  3. Umbrosoccer

    Victorinox Huntsman and Huntsman "Lite"

    I've been using both and enjoy both. I prefer the Huntsman lite for my needs. What SAk do you guys use?
  4. Umbrosoccer

    Fenix LD15R [Review]

    I enjoy the options this light has to offer for its size. Having both RED LEDs and a WHITE LED is useful !
  5. Umbrosoccer

    The Malkoff Front Porch

    Im enjoying the MD BG V1 alot !
  6. Umbrosoccer

    Emisar D4K dual channel 21700. The unicorn?

    i have the kr4. Im thinking of getting the d4k now. dual channel.
  7. Umbrosoccer

    [Review Video] Penlight combo - Wuben TP10 TacWriter

    A decent pen and light combo. Typical Cree XP-G3 emitter with some artifacts from the tir optic but not enough to annoy. Two modes and runs on a 10180 battery which is replaceable and rechargeable via the micro usb port in the penlight. This was sent out to me from for review...
  8. Umbrosoccer

    [Review Video] Acebeam Pokelit AA / 14500 Nichia 219F 5000k High Cri

    For 18 bucks I couldnt go wrong and its a fantastic buy with an included 14500 battery rechargeable via USB C or regular charger, uses 1x AA, NW 5000 Nichia 219F emitter with High CRI rating.
  9. Umbrosoccer

    Small Portable Radio's?

    Thanks. I'm working on a few more and will do comparison videos on the radios. Based on experience Id recommend the following, 1. A dedicated receiver, like the techsun pl 660, 330 (minus bugs) sony icf 7600g (gr) if the capacitors work, cc crane skywave ssb ( ultraportable and great). 2. If...
  10. Umbrosoccer

    Small Portable Radio's?

    I recently acquired a kenwood Th-F6a. made a short video on it about its reception of ssb and uses on am fm broadcast bands. I find it a unique radio for its size and capabilities.
  11. Umbrosoccer

    [Review] Acebeam E70 xhp70.2 5000k

    Killzoneflashlights sent this light for review and I have to say its a cool looking light. It has a stainless steel metal button cap on the bottom and uses a 21700 battery which allows for longer run times. One thing to note after uploading the video i found out the discount code on the website...
  12. Umbrosoccer

    Small Portable Radio's?

    i know its been awhile but i have the 817 original and aside from lack of a dtmf keypad and direct entry, it is a fantastic radio for the price. used ones go for about $400 nowadays and the 818 for about $639. The icom 705 is also another good radio that has digital and a waterfall display as...
  13. Umbrosoccer

    Flashlight Bag - Vanquest FTIM Gen II 6x9

    A flashlight bag i made for work and for some daily activities.
  14. Umbrosoccer

    Cyansky Titanium M3 St20 High CRI NW update

    I reviewed the M3 about two months ago and Cyansky sent out another light as per my request to have another higher cri and NW tint option. I am happy to say that the updated M3 arrived today I decided to film a short video comparing the tints of the two.
  15. Umbrosoccer

    Emisar D4V2 cu Copper E21A 3500k (warm white switch) Review

    I agree. I still like them though as they are fun for movie affects. I like the warm 3500k i think its best balance between 2700k and 4000k. I still need to get a 2700k sst20 option.
  16. Umbrosoccer

    Emisar D4V2 cu Copper E21A 3500k (warm white switch) Review

    I found it interesting too. overall the e21a tint and cri is pleasing.
  17. Umbrosoccer

    Emisar D4V2 cu Copper E21A 3500k (warm white switch) Review

    im not sure to be honest. i read on the budgelight forums, i forget where that the e21a cant take high amps but in a arrangement of quads they can take up to 7.5 Amps i believe. I cannot confirm this though as i dont have the experience or knowledge to take apart the light and see. EDIT found...
  18. Umbrosoccer

    Emisar D4V2 cu Copper E21A 3500k (warm white switch) Review

    thanks! I've noticed these lights arent for duration use but more for ornate use. They are practical within certain limitations but only that. I want to get a 2700k emitter now too as i like the incandescent and warmer lights too. The 3500k is my lowest yet and i find it appealing especially...
  19. Umbrosoccer

    Emisar D4V2 cu Copper E21A 3500k (warm white switch) Review

    Thanks Jon. I took your advice and went with the 5500k white balance for the night shots so the colors come out more nicely. I will buy those batteries and try them out. They look like the kind i can use. Yes this light has modular options including changing the optics and battery form factors...
  20. Umbrosoccer

    Emisar D4V2 cu Copper E21A 3500k (warm white switch) Review

    I decided to try out the Emisar line of lights after hearing good things. This is my first quad light and I really enjoy the Nichia E21A 3500k emitters! Im not sure what version of anduril ui is in this one. On thing to note the light came with a somewhat clearly carclo optic compared to the...