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    How much power for a green laser (pointer) to be visible in bright sunshine?

    Well, I’m going by the cheaper pocket series I had. As I’m sure you guys know, the blue diodes make a horizontal line rather than a point that can be mostly focused by a beam expander lens. Although that name might just be a Sanwu marketing term. It seems to do the opposite of expand
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    How much power for a green laser (pointer) to be visible in bright sunshine?

    Nice! I didn’t know that. I just ordered a Sanwu 405nm(Violet) 1.4 watt that I’m looking forward to. I have a low powered violet and unlike my blues and greens, the spot is really small. I can pop a balloon from across a room bedside the energy is so concentrated. OD6 goggles obviously (:
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    How much power for a green laser (pointer) to be visible in bright sunshine?

    Late to the party but maybe someone else wants to know this too. I have a 1.2 watt green and you can most definitely see the spot on any object you can see but I don’t think you’ll see the beam in bright sun. I saw a 1.8 watt today that might get you there. Hopefully they’ll come out with green...
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    Laser pointer for daily use

    Just came across this thread. Ironically I ordered two Sanwu lasers today. 7 watt blue and a 1.4 watt violet. I already have a 1.2 watt green and two of their pocket series lasers Don’t forget your safety glasses! Upgraded to some OD 6 ones
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    WTB: Megaray and MAXA BEAM

    Thank you
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    New "High End" HID Flame Throwers..?

    I got the FF5-GT. It stopped working after 1 week. My FF5 still is good
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    F/S: Maxabeam Gen3 with Latching "High" & 10 AH LiFePo4 battery, Megaray 175 Watt

    Hey I might be interested but I’m new to this type of light. How does it compare to something like an FF5 or a Lumintop GT94X?
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    New "High End" HID Flame Throwers..?

    The FF5-GT is out now. My 4300K just shipped. The previous FF5 was quite magnificent IMHO
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    New Firefox FF5GT

    My 4300K FF5-GT just shipped from Neal. Can’t wait to get my hands on this thing!
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    The Nightsword project

    I’d love to buy this too my friend!
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    Review IMALENT MS08 - 3*21700 - 34,000lm.

    Great review! I just got mine and it’s incredible. Do you know if there’s a way to lock the fan? The fan on mine was running in the box when it arrived and I often turn it on by accident
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    FIRE-FOXES FF5 XENON HID 10000lm 2000m Thrower Searchlight Flashlight

    wow that’s beautiful. I love my 4300K black model. There’s nothing else in my collection quite like it. I love the gorgeous, wide powerful beam that seems to shine forever and I don’t have the heat issues like with my LEDs when are we getting an FF6? (:
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    HID headlamp?

    Got my first HID light - Firefoxes FF5 4300K - and the beam is just amazing. It makes me wonder if anyone has or will be coming out with an HID headlamp... :)
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    Most powerful commercially available portable HID spotlight?

    I got an FF5 a few months ago. My first HID light. I have to join the HID fans here. It is truly awesome
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    Fire Fox FF-5(4300K) Beam-shots. This thing is a monster !!!

    Re: Fire Fox FF-5 Beam-shots. This thing is a monster !!! I’m in the US and got mine from Neal’s gadgets. Good price and excellent quality although he takes forever to ship and doesn’t respond to emails. the light is truly incredible. I can go for a half hour walk and keep it on high the...
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    Any word yet on Firefoxes FF5?

    I’ve been using my FF5 every night for a few months. Man do I love this thing... the massive wide beam is just gorgeous and seems to go on forever. My first HID light so I don’t profess to be an expert but I’d take it over my Imalent MS18 in a heartbeat! Can’t wait for a 1,000 watt FF6 (:
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    FIRE-FOXES FF5 XENON HID 10000lm 2000m Thrower Searchlight Flashlight

    Hey guys, If you can believe it, I have like 20 LED flashlights and just heard about this bad boy! I’m new to this and I’ve ordered from Neal and been very happy. Did you guys all go with the 4300K option? I’m guessing I should buy the accessories too. What batteries are you guys using...
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    UV flashlights

    I have both of these my friend...both are incredibly bright. The S8 beam Is more concentrated than the beast and the build quality is beautiful. Got mine from Engenious Designs