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  1. ampdude

    Titanium Innovations CR123A 1600mAh 3V any good?

    Everyone sub-contracts things out when they can get away with it. And it's the same as sourcing parts with the bean counters and sourcing people working in a factory. One day you have one brass threaded screws from XYZ distributor, then the entire next week you have a nickle threaded screw from...
  2. ampdude

    Titanium Innovations CR123A 1600mAh 3V any good?

    And they have had different capacities per brand, as per all the tests we've seen over the years. If they're all the same cell simply because they may or may not be made in the same factory, then why did we always see different capabilities between Panasonic, Energizer, Surefire, Streamlight...
  3. ampdude

    Titanium Innovations CR123A 1600mAh 3V any good?

    Same factory doesn't mean same specs. If they're made in the same factory it would be hard to know, once something gets said on the internet and repeated a bit, it tends to become gospel. And if something changes, the internet doesn't catch up to reality for years.
  4. ampdude

    A flashlight to teach morons?

    I'm not for banning things, but I can't stand the dorks who use those. It's called a rake.. use one. There is a business next to me and certain times of the year there is always some *expletive* out there at 5AM blowing crap around outside my bedroom window. Either leaves or snow off the...
  5. ampdude

    A flashlight to teach morons?

    I was done with teaching morons a long time ago. Life is too short for that, and they generally just use the information you give them against you anyways. I'd rather do more important things, like clip my fingernails or arrange my sock drawer. I've seen too many plane crashes and train wrecks...
  6. ampdude

    For Sale SureFire: UB3T, E2E, E1L, Crosshair 6P NIB

    Yea, I'm not so excited about selling my mint U2 either these days, but I don't seem to have any buyers. Weird since it's such an amazing light. I want to have someone mod it with a warm HCRI, but I don't know if I will ever get around to it.
  7. ampdude

    Milwaukee M12 LED aluminum metal flashlight (2355)

    Sounds interesting, I'm in the market for certain tool kits, I wonder what kits this comes in.
  8. ampdude

    Any retail stores out there still sell decent flashlights?

    I was in Walmart the other day and wasn't shocked to see Ozark Trails and Coast as basically the only lights available for sale. Not only that.. insulting as it may be they were actually in display cases. And not even a Maglite to be seen anywhere. Target seems pretty much the same way or worse...
  9. ampdude

    FS: selling a few lights.

    Those are usually fairly blue. Two li-ions shouldn't matter, they can usually handle up to 12 volts with their buck converter. Nothing wrong with running one on a three cell body.
  10. ampdude

    Surefire Rare Topshelf Lights

    It looks like an MA02 style (A2 Aviator) bulb, but maybe a little bigger and in a KL2 head minus the LED's. I see the 4 volt markings. MA02 is a 4.2 volt bulb if I'm remembering correctly. It was obviously an early attempt at an A2 Aviator style light, but in a Centurion body with a KL2 head.
  11. ampdude

    Any warm LEP's or are they all still cold tint?

    I'm really more of an incan guy. I like hard driven incan bulbs, I think they provide the best overall light. So my preference has always been towards 3500K (around that color temp) HCRI LED's. I could never get into cold LED's when LED's first came out and I've always been very picky on what...