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    Looking for a bright replacement for 8AA Nitecore EA81

    Imalent MS03 run at 3000 lumen setting shouldn’t disappoint.
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    Suggestions for headlamp

    Nitecore UT27. Uses 3 aaa or usb-c rechargeable li-ion battery pack. Other options would be the Petzl Tikka line (Tikkina, Tikka, Zipka, Actik, etc). They have a separate lithium ion battery pack option and some come with it.
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    Current "Best" RCR123 Batteries?

    Get a charger that will switch between li-ion (3.7 volt) or LiFePo4 (3.2 volt) and you don’t have a problem either way. Again, 16340 is the same battery as RCR123A. Some companies use RCR123A for lithium ion (3.7 volts), some use 16340 for lithium ion (3.7 volts). For Orbtronic, Klarus, and...
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    One is none

    When doing any backpacking in the Sierra Nevadas, they don’t let you dig a latrine and leave it behind. They make you pack it out. Mt. Whitney is now littered with used wag bags from people too lazy to carry it back. Plus sometimes those bags leak. They leave it for the rangers to take out their...
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    One is none

    Let me simplify this further. One you sleep in (bivy bag), one you sit in (bothy bag), and one you 💩 in (biffy bag).
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    Current "Best" RCR123 Batteries?

    RCR123A and 16340 are the same cell. One describes a rechargeable CR123A cell and one describes the dimensions (16 mm X 34 mm and round). Different brands may use one term or the other. You have to look at chemistry. Regular lithium ion will be 3.7 volts (4.2 max.) and lithium iron phosphate...
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    One is none

    A bivy bag (bivouac sack) is basically a water resistant sleeping bag cover. Some are more elaborate with a pole, headroom, and mosquito netting to be used like a single person tent. A bothy bag is also known as a mountain hut. It’s a bag that you get inside and sit on the sides (has no floor...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Unfortunately, that was already in use warming up some side dishes and we were almost out of propane. Was tempted to see if I could throw the turkey, in the pan in oven bag, on top of my Biolite Basecamp stove (if it could take the weight), but with hanging out with family, I didn’t have time to...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Today, my family was preparing for Thanksgiving. My sister was finishing cooking a ham and some side dishes. I was cooking a turkey to feed me for the week. I offered to bring the turkey, but my sister was set on ham. Anyway, at around 12:30, with an hour left to cook the turkey, we had a...
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    You know reviews are biased when…

    Too bad that feature isn’t on the Olight which “gets STUCK in vibration mode, which is painfully annoying.” I will not further elaborate.
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    4Sevens Quark Pro and Fenix PD30 R4 threads match

    I got curious to see if the threads matched up with my 4Sevens Quark Pro 2A and my Fenix PD30 R4. Apparently, they do. Since the Quark is only rated to 4.2 volts, I obviously can’t use 2 123A cells in it without frying it. However, it does work perfectly fine on a 16650 lithium ion cell, which...
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    Torch for a 6 year old

    For a 6 year old, I recommend something cheap, simple (on/off), reasonably durable, easy to obtain at a store (in case you have to buy replacements), and get a spare in case the kid loses or breaks it. Here's one cheap option...
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    Orbtronic 21700, 18650 and 16340s

    Yes, they make quality cells and at a reasonable price for protected cells. They make the best 16650s, 14500s, and 16340s, and 26650s. For 18650 and 21700, just make sure your light doesn’t require over 10 amps for their protected cells. Some of the newer lights require 15+ amps. For most lights...
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    One is none

    When I hiked Black Mountain (frequently) in Ramona, CA, a near 15 mile hike with 3200 feet elevation gain on a dark 12-15 foot wide road shared by Jeep’s and motorcycles, one light didn’t cut it. I had a Nitecore HC60 v.2 headlight with a Nitecore E4K in hand, both running. I also had a Nitecore...
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    Best Light You've Ever/Never Owned

    Best light I’ve ever owned: Nitecore E4K Nitecore HC60 v.2 headlight, 4Sevens Quark Pro 2A, Nitecore MH10 v.2, and Acebeam H40 headlight all come close. Best light I’ve never owned (in my opinion): Nitecore TM39 Tiny Monster flashlight. Outthrows the 100,000 lumen Imalent MS18 (1500 vs. 1350...
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    SST-70 (or equiv) + 21700 + EDC(ish)!

    Fenix PD36 TAC flashlight
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    there are some Jokes

    Three guys die in a drunk driving accident. They appear before St. Peter at the Pearly Gates of Heaven. Peter says, “Since it’s Christmastime, if you hand me something Christmas related, I’ll let you in.” The first guy pulls out a lighter, uses it, and says, “It’s a candle.” Peter lets him in...
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    When is enough, enough?

    Enough is enough when you run out of money. You have to choose to be content with what you have until you have more money, or sell some lights to buy new ones.
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    You know reviews are biased when…

    The Nitecore light broke when dropped three feet? Or did he read a spec saying it’s impact resistant to one meter and just say he dropped it? That’s funny that a Fenix light that uses a rechargeable 18650 battery, the most common lithium ion cell on the planet is a hard to find, non-standard...
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    What is the largest EDC you've ever carried?

    Nitecore TM06s Tiny Monster. Used to use it for work all the time. Set it at 1500 lumens tail standing on the floor in a room for working on wiring lighting in a T grid ceiling. Easier to haul around than larger work lights and doesn’t take up all the space in a rolling tool box. Good for hiking...