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    Photographing Strobes

    I came across a red light camera damaged by hurricane Ian. It was strobing at around 5 times per second for around 20 seconds though I am sure some flashes were so close together I counted than as 1. I managed to get a 12 second video before my battery went dead. It shows 42 flashes and the...
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    Using magnetic crystal patterns for LED spacing.

    You have a bunch of LED's and you want to know how to space them to make them as round as possible. The following album shows steel balls suspended in a magnetic field confined in a round container. The balls repel each other to form the best spacing.
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    New 4 D Cell Maglite ML 300

    That light is no longer available on Maglite's web site. I have considered buying the 6 D cell light which is available but can't fit it on my bicycle.
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    Rubber Shoes

    I picked up a set of new old stock Shoes For Crews in a Goodwill. These are made of rubber and nothing but rubber cast as a single unit. I wore these for a year and managed to wear off all the tread. Rubber has a very low porosity so you can wash them out and they will be dry in a minute. Since...
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    New From Maglite

    INTEC ILIF 3006526 ESR1EE8402 6.4 V 3.0 AH With 2cells it should work in pure buck mode. The old rechareable had 5 NiCd cells which also worked in pure buck mode but that never gave the performance I would have expected and I didn't get one. I much prefer Lithium iron phosphate they are safer.
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    Bicycle Standlight circuits (Will this circuit work?)

    Re: Will this circuit work? I had a tire running generator that would produce 40 volts and 4 amps at 40mph. I dumped this into 4AA batteries with a bridge rectifier with a 4.8 volt flashlight bulb in parallel. The bulb didn't pop the batteries made a good voltage regulator. The problem with...
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    Bicycle Best flashlight/handlebar mount money can buy for mountain biking

    I'm using conduit clamps. Only I bolted them directly to my front rack. I see no reason why 2 of these can't be bolted together. Use a screw you can tighten with a dime. Cover your flashlight and your handlebars with a shrink fit inner tube...
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    COB flashlights

    Yes I think so. The problem with LED's are making them alike enough so that some do not hog all the electricity while others are dim. COBs use a bigger area making them run cooler thus more efficiently. You may have gotten an older regulator like a resistor that is wasting electricity. The...
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    Train carries laser to burn leaves off of tracks

    Trains already set enough fires. In Portland Oregon Union Pacific set the Baxter McConnick superfund site on fire 3 years in a row. Fireman were handing homeowners hoses and moving down to the next block. I traced down the cause of this. Train brake pads wear off and send down showers of sparks...
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    Lighting up some vintage bulbs

    There is a restaurant in Shasta California that pulled some 240 volt bulbs out of the old mine. They were running them at 120 volts. The lady at the counter said they never burn out but the filament would break if some one bumped them.
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    Single AA incan???

    If you can find an old Radioshack catalog say 2007 it has some interesting data about bulb brightness. The 3 cell bulbs were twice as bright as the 3 cell bulbs rather than the 50 percent you would expect. 1 cell bulbs generally did not give the brightness. Not sure for the reason for this I...
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    Need info on true color lights

    At the photo lab we used a combination of florescent and incandescent light to inspect photos. Inspectors also had magnifiers with both types of light built in. What ever the computerized printers could not handle was then sent to human printers. They viewed the negative and were able to input...
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    New 500 lumen MCE light from... Coleman!!

    My Ozark Trail 500L works with 3 batteries in either compartment wonder if the others are the same.
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    You really should be working with green light. It is possible to see ingrown hairs and thorns under the skin.
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    New 500 lumen MCE light from... Coleman!!

    You can add the Ozark trail 500L to this same battery compartment same protruding switch. The head does not unscrew which makes getting NiMH batteries out a problem.