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  1. LupinIII

    Fenix Warranty Service

    Any updates from the OP? Get your light back yet?
  2. LupinIII

    Fenix Warranty Service

    Got ya Ven - I missed that part of your post. Agree with you about a new light. That is on the retailer to replace or refund in my experience. Anyway will just have to see if the OP chimes in with more details.
  3. LupinIII

    Fenix Warranty Service

    How long does that toaster have to toast until the Sales of Goods Act terms are satisfied? If my toaster stops working after one year of normal use am I still entitled to a full refund? What about 5 years? And 10? Does that refund come from the retailer or the manufacturer? How long do I have to...
  4. LupinIII

    Fenix Warranty Service

    If they can get the light back into your hands in the max six weeks from when you sent it, that does not seem all that unreasonable to me. I have never had to send one of my lights in for work but service times for the overseas makers seem to generally fall in that time range (ie Jetbeam...
  5. LupinIII

    Fenix Warranty Service

    Did you ask or did Fenix indicate when the light would be back in your hands in either of the two conversations you had with them?
  6. LupinIII

    FREE, Lens diffuser for Surefire E Series

    Ha! I just tried it with my E1B, and it worked like a charm. Makes the beam perfect for using up close and lighting up what's immediately around you. Thanks.
  7. LupinIII

    Whats a good 18650/CR123x2 light?

    Here's another :twothumbs for both the Jet III M and RRT-2. I love these new Jetbeam offerings, and my warm tinted III M is definitely one of my favorite lights - looks great with the function to boot. Definitely get one.
  8. LupinIII

    RRT-0 or Jet III M??

    Unless I'm wrong about the function of a diffuser, then the tint is not the same as having a diffuser. Quite simply, I would describe the tint of the light as its "color". Most of my flashlights are very white, or "cool." A warm tint on the other hand will look more yellow, or "warm."...
  9. LupinIII

    RRT-0 or Jet III M??

    Just wanted to add that if you do pick up the Jet III M, take a look at the warm tint version. I've never been concerned with the tint of my LEDs, but my warm Jet III M is one of my favorites because the color is so much nicer than all of my other lights.
  10. LupinIII

    Three years of using the ** SureFire L1 ** – A short history

    Thanks for sharing, you've clearly had some great experiences with your L1's. I have an L1 (newer Cree version) on the way myself, and now I can't wait to get it.
  11. LupinIII

    RRT-0 or Jet III M??

    I have the Jet III M and an RRT-2 which I imagine has a selector ring similar to the RRT-0. I agree with everyone that the Jet III M is a solid light - simple UI that still gives users much flexibility with output levels. At the same time, the selector ring isn't all that bad either. I too...
  12. LupinIII

    Just got a SF E2DL... nice light!

    After doing a lot of research on running rechargeables in the E2DL, I'd say it depends. I've read of quite a few people using AW RCR123's without issue and been able to find only one instance where the higher voltage damaged the light. If you want to play it safe, running LifePO4's is best...
  13. LupinIII

    is the TK11 supposed to have this space?

    Yup, just took a look at mine, and there is a similar gap. I took Stress Test's advice, works beautifully. Thanks.
  14. LupinIII

    Yay or Nay to this light?

    I agree with jorn. This is a solid, well-made light, and if your hasty decision was based on a good deal, then even better. While I will not argue how great it is to have advancing light technology that allows me to choose the exact output I would prefer, it's sometimes nice to just have a...