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  1. chew socks

    HAAS Minimill help! Resolved

    Hey guys (and girls), I am currently learning how to run a HAAS Minimill through Mastercam X4 except no one seems to have the time to sit and teach me. Im sure ill have more questions eventually, but i have to get there first. Does anyone know how to import a Program from a floppy drive, and...
  2. chew socks

    Nikon MB-D80 Li-ion batteries. And general Ni-Mh batteries

    I know christmas hasnt come yet, but i have it on pretty good faith that im going to be getting an MB-D80 battery grip for my D90. And seeing as we are all battery safety conscious here, i thought i t would be wise of me to see if anyone knew if it was okay to mix the charges of batteries in...
  3. chew socks

    Pick me a watch for Christmas

    So ive basically got it down to 3 choices... 1.Casio Pathfinder PAW1300 (positive or negative) 2.Suunto Core (positive or negative) 3.G-Shock Mudman (positive only) Its really going to replace a G-Shock i have, which i hate because it makes a noise everytime i push a button...drives me nuts...
  4. chew socks

    Mini EDC MC-E Review (*Picture Heavy*)

    This is my first review, so if anyone has any advice for me, I'd really appreciate it. Also I don't have a Digital SLR, so I apologize if my pics aren't as good as they could be So here's the story, as part of the Christmas Giveaway i was the lucky recipient of a UltraFire MCU-C7 modded with a...
  5. chew socks

    Afghanistan Christmas Donations

    So i got an email from Kevin back regarding the Christmas Donations he did to some troops in Afghanistan. I know that some of you out there were interested so here is the link to the page
  6. chew socks

    And people think flashlight collecting is with beamshots

    So i'm in my basement working on a flashlight mod and playing video games. The flashight is a Panasonic Halogena 2d light, that like other 2d lights is patheticaly dim compared to my l2d q5 and my homemade KPR118 7.2v battery back light. Seeing how useless this has become i decieded to put a...
  7. chew socks

    SCORE!!! i'm a lucky man....atleast i think i am

    So my laptop battery went that i mean that it was do some wacky things. And me being a curios and cheap person decided to rip it open first to see if i could salvage what was inside. I had a charge and play kit for my xbox 360 that broke once. I decided to rip it open and found...
  8. chew socks

    Laptop concern and creative use?

    My laptop battery only hold a charge for a couple of minutes, mostly its handy because i can walk between rooms and plug it back in when i get there. The HP battery analyzer i downloaded says that one or more of my cells are malfunctioning. Is it dangerous for me to keep plugging it in and...
  9. chew socks

    Protected vs. Unportected

    For christmas i am going to ask for a Dereelight. According to Dereelight's sight, their lights have a low voltage cutoff. Looking at AW's Li-ion thread i noticed that unprotected 18650's are have the price of the protected ones. I will also be asking for a Pila IBC charger to charge them...
  10. chew socks

    Is a CL1H V4 going to be a big improvement over an L2D Q5

    I have an L2D Q5 but ive been looking into getting a Dereelight as far as brightness and throw is the CL1H V4 going to be alot better or should i just go straight to a DBS?
  11. chew socks

    DBS V2 SMO vs. OP

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience using the SMO and OP reflector for the DBS v2. How much brighter is the spill and wider is the hot spot with the OP reflector? I have an l2d Q5 that i use every day to pick out my clothes. Will the OP make it easier to do this with the DBS? I want...
  12. chew socks

    Which one is most useful?

    First i have to ask if the Zebra light H-50 has a key ring on it so i can use it as a key chain. If yes then replace H-30 with H-50 below. Okay here are the options Glo Toob lithium (anyone know if it can use 3.7 volt rechargeable)=would be useful if i take a night diving class, which i'd...
  13. chew socks

    Fenix L2D?

    will a fenix L2D head on a L1D body (1 cell) still be just as bright with NI-MH cells or does it require a Li-Ion cell to be the same brightness
  14. chew socks

    Fenix p2d questions

    I just got a Fenix L2D, and i love it, but when its on turbo or strobe the led makes a high pitched whining noise (which my laptop back light does sometimes too). Is this bad, or perfectly normal? Thanks for all the help, but when reading the reviews i noticed alot P2ds mentioned, so i went...
  15. chew socks

    Help on opinions on my first "real" light

    I recently decided that i like flashlights, and since I just came into the possession of some birthday money, i would like to buy myself a new light. Right now there are 4 lights that i am considering. I'm new to CPF, but i've been here for the past 3 days reading reviews and you guys have...