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    Bezel removal tools from darksucks and oveready

    I know I'm resurrecting a really old thread, but I cannot for the life of me find the bezel removal tools on Oveready's site. Any ideas?
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    Tint Comparison

    Cheule here! I did my best to equalize as much as so could. For example, all lights were running stepped mode, step 4 of 7. But differences still arose in the form of: - some lights have the 10623 optic vs the 10622 (this is probably the biggest difference) - some lights kept stepping down...
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    Noctigon KR4 aux lights not working

    Aux lights can be turned on and off with 7C. If you want to perform a factory reset to see if the aux lights will come back on, you disconnect the battery (by slightly unscrewing the tail cap) and the hold the button as you reinsert the battery/screw tailcap. You should see the light strobe as...
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    Acebeam new high lumen output thrower is coming--L19

    The L19 in green will definitely be my next thrower. I put off getting a green OSRAM for a long time (I have numerous W1 and W2 whites, as well as SBT90.2, but I never saw the point of monochromatic green light in a thrower). I picked up a cheap C8 W1 white and C8 W1 green, and the green...
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    Single 21700 battery, 5000 lumens tactical flashlight-Acebeam L35

    This light has quickly become one of my favorite lights among my throwers. The tint is a bit green, but if you don’t care about that (and you really shouldn’t in a thrower), this thing really puts out. A super wide beam compared to all the OSRAM throwers, and a ton of light (5000 lumens). The...
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    Maxtoch X Sword L2Kvn - 2.5 Mcd LEP Thrower

    Re: Maxtoch X Sword L2Kvn - 2.5 Mcd LEP Thrower PREORDER SHIPS MID MAY I bought this LEP from Vihn, it’s very nice. I also own (or have owned) a Weltool W4, W3 Pro and Astrolux WP2. In terms of output, I find it very similar to the Weltool W4 (a little brighter but I also notice that samples...