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    Hi everyone been awhile. I'm looking for a 365nm uv light. I want to use it for multiple things. I would like to find upperrocks.Make things glow to name a few. Has anyone used the uvbeast or lumenshotter 365nm. Or does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks Jim
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    Best flashlight store

    Find a place Your location 64 reviews jim mohn 4 weeks ago Hi everyone, I wrote this 4 weeks ago, but I'm just posting this now. My name is Jim and I am writing a review about the flashlight store called the Illumn. The Illumn store has been open for the last 10 years and is owned by a...
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    Center led in acebeam x70

    Hi,can anyone tell me if its possible to put a 90.2 led in the center light of a Acebeam x70. It is sold with a 35 led,with the outer leds being 70.2. Don't know why Acebeam didn't atleast put a 70.2 in the middle spot.I want to do something with it. But not sure what. Any advice would be...
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    Flashlight stores

    Is there a area where flashlight stores are discussed.
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    Imalant dx80

    Anyone who owns a imalant dx80 could you please share your thoughts about that light. Nobody has anything to say about imalant dx80,that's saying something
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    Acebeam K75 lens problem ?

    Hi I recently received a Acebeam k75. But it has some quality issues. The first, and main one is on the lens there is a oily film that I can't remove. I have tried eye glasses wipes with, and without rubbing alcohol. I am able to clean lens and it is crystal clear. But within a half hour or so...
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    New Vapcell s4plus

    I received a Vapecell s4plus today. I can't change the charging current. I do what the instructions say, display indicates charger is charging at 3a but then it changes to around 150ma. It seem like charger won't go into manual. Can anyone please help me. Thanks, Jim.
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    Need help

    Hi everyone, I have a trunite tn40s that I would like to modify. But I need some help. I would like to know what leds I can use. Can I use cree 90.2 or is something else better. Do I have to change drivers or can I use the one that came with flashlight. I am very new to all of this, so I really...
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    True night TN49S batteries

    Hi, I'm extremely knew to the flashlight scene. I purchased a twin pack of keenstone 1500 lumens for my son's to keep in there vehicles and I was bitten by the flashlight bug. lol. So, I started looking for a flashlight to start a collection of lights with. I chose the trunite tn40s. Now I have...