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    WTB Novatac pocket clip

    Looking for a pocket clip for a Novatac SPL-120. Bezel up/down; for fitment under the tailcap. Please PM me if you’ve got one to sell.
  2. J

    Thermal adhesive advice

    I’m wondering what everyone uses to secure the mcpcb when there’s no mechanical mounting. How do you secure the mcpcb on a d26 module? I’ve used arctic alumina epoxy in the past but I can’t seem to find any.
  3. J

    Need help choosing a new 4 bay charger

    Time to upgrade. For years I’ve been getting by on old chargers or single cell. Inefficient, basic chargers. No more. I’m looking at 4 bay intelligent chargers that can handle up to a 21700 protected cell. What I have found so far are the XTAR VX4, Vapcell S4+, Opus BT-C3100, or maybe Nitecore...
  4. J

    Need a little machining

    Who can do a little machining on a [email protected] tailcap? I want to recess the spring ridge down into the bottom of it. Should allow me to get a 21700 to recess into the cap.
  5. J

    Sold/Expired Stanley hid-FREE

    Stanley hid-FREE-CLAIMED Used to work, now it won’t take a charge. Just pay shipping and it’s yours. please PM me. I can remove the battery for cheaper shipping.
  6. J

    Any recommended D nimh?

    I’m starting to look into c and d nimh, and a new charger. I have a few lights etc that would be better off using them, at least for peace of mind. Does anyone have a recommendation from experience?
  7. J

    Sold/Expired found-- Plain SS Mag Bezel -- please close

    I believe that download made these, maybe someone else too? Please PM me if you have one to sell, or something comparable.
  8. J

    Sold/Expired WTS: seldom used lights-FINAL PRICE DROPS - Fenix ,Dereelight,Maratac- 12/31

    Selling off some lights that get no use. Most were bought out of curiosity or to scratch an itch at the time. Shipping CONUS included. Paypal only please. Also selling on another forum. Posting time will get it. Fenix TK15 $454035 Fenix e25...
  9. J

    Zebralight still the way to go for a AA headlamp?

    I'm looking for single AA, that can be locked out, or no parasitic drain. Neutral or high cri. More flood than throw. Ipx8 preferably. 14500 compatibility is a bonus, but not necessary. This will be my primary headlamp, replacing an old rayovac 1xAA that has been a real trooper, but now goes...
  10. J

    17500 lithium ion

    Does anyone make a good 17500 battery anymore? I can't find any manufacturer that I recognize.
  11. J

    Sold/Expired WTB Quark tactical tailcap

    As stated. Looking to buy a foursevens quark tactical tailcap.
  12. J

    Sold/Expired WTB: Carley 1499 bulbs

    Looking for Carley 1499 bi- pin bulbs. yes, old skool.
  13. J

    Favorite hiking shoes?

    I need a good pair of hiking shoes. I had my hip replaced a year ago and no way it's time to start hiking again! I have a shoe problem kind of like a mild flashlight problem, but my budget at the moment is tight. I need to buy once and done for a few years. I have mid weight hiking boots, and I...
  14. J

    Winter solstice

    Longest night of the year! I went for a long walk with my new stainless mini turbo from foursevens. This is the night of the flashaholic, more time to make use of our toys! Oops 😬Thursday night will be it... I read something this am about Tuesday night... I should know better, but I've had a...
  15. J

    RIP Gregg Allman

    Wow. I was just talking today with my father in law about the greatest instrumental rock songs... Jessica, in memory of Elizabeth reed, revival. They all make the top ten, maybe the top five. another of the true greats is now gone at just 69 years old. He will be missed, and remembered forever.
  16. J

    Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 champs

    All I can say is WOW!!!
  17. J

    Where are all of the Bees?

    I don't know how many have noticed, but the Bee population is seriously hurting! I live in suburbia, lots of homes built from 1920-1960 or so. When I was growing up, you needed to watch your step when walking on the lawn while clover was flowering. You would step on a bee. These days, I'll bet...
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    RIP Keith Emerson

    Reported tonight that Keith Emerson was found dead in his California condo of a gunshot wound. He was one of the best, and a consummate musician. He he will be missed by many...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Peak Baltic or Matty brass

    WTB Peak Matty brass As stated in the title. Please PM me if you have one to part with.
  20. J

    Sold/Expired WTB Peak 10180 body

    Looking for a 10180 body for an Eiger. I believe they are all SS. If you have one to get rid of, please PM me.