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    Need Help : Wnat to MOD Car HID for bike.

    Hi guys, just thinking of starting this project, I have two 6000k H1 lamp and ballast not being used and thinking of modding it (just for fun) to be fitted on my mtb. I'm wondering what kind of power source should I consider, a car battery is definitely out because of the size, I'm wondering if...
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    Ultrafire 16340 800mAh 3.5V Li-ion

    Bought six of those from DX together witha charger and a cree drop in to be placed in one of my sf that uses P60. Drop the battery in and tried it with a P60 - blew the bulb! There goes my first ever P60 from my 6P. So those who are just as 'smart' as I am, please don't even think about using...