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  1. Stefano

    Fenix PD36R charge problem

    I think I have a problem charging the Fenix PD36R. This light has been little used (a few hours of operation) today I am going to charge the battery a little with its charging cable and with my USB Meter I notice a very fluctuating amperage. I've never seen anything like this, I tried to change...
  2. Stefano

    Fenix HL60R with Magic Tape

    Perhaps this may interest those who own an HL60R or HL55. I have a HL60R which has a beam with spot. The spill is good but the beam is not as comfortable as Armytek's TIR lens or Zebralight's frosted lens. I applied the Magic Tape to the headlamp without touching the glass. I was expecting an...
  3. Stefano

    Help for Xtar VC8

    Hello to all. I bought an Xtar VC8 to charge Fenix brand protected 21700 batteries, it proved to be suitable. I am also using it for 18650, it has various cool features and I really liked it but I noticed some weird things. Xtar customer service is unresponsive (years ago they responded quickly)...
  4. Stefano

    Fenix PD 35 v 2.0 battery

    I wanted to ask owners of Fenix PD35 v2.0 if flat (unprotected) batteries are good for this light. I have PD35 TAC and no problems with it but I have read some Amazon reviews where some complain about problems with flat batteries or in diameter. I have many NCR18650B, LG MH1, Samsung 30Q...
  5. Stefano

    Dead and resurrected battery

    Sorry for the bad english. Recently due to a flashlight with a defect (high parasitic discharge) it seems that I have lost two Sanyo NCR18650GA batteries. The first long time ago I found it empty (the light did not come on) I thought that perhaps the light had remained on or that the battery...
  6. Stefano

    Zebralight H600 Fc vs H604c (only beamshot)

    Finally the H600Fc was delivered, as with H604c and H604d I received a good copy the tint is beautiful and the power emitted leaves me very satisfied. I made these photos very quickl, for the moment only these shots, others later as soon as I can.
  7. Stefano

    Zebralight H604c vs H604d (only beamshot)

    After the H604c that I liked a lot I also bought the H604d. They are identical (LED XHP50.2) except the led tint (4000 K vs 5000 K) I am very satisfied with this headlamp, I show some comparative shots that can help some undecided person on which tint to buy. The difference is not impressive...
  8. Stefano

    Zebralight H602w vs H603w - H600Fw vs H600 Fc

    Hi guys My bad English prevents me from writing a review, on this page only pictures and a few words translated with Google Translator. Zebralight H602w (XM-L2) vs H603w (new led XHP35) and H600Fw (XM-L2) vs H600Fc (XM-L2 EasyWhite Hi-CRI) Headlamp have a beam total flood is very...
  9. Stefano

    Armytek Wizard V3 (XP-L ) vs Zebralight H600 Fw

    Hi guys My bad English prevents me from writing a review, on this page only pictures and a few words translated with Google Translator. As many people know I'm a fan of Zebralight Headlamp but I was always curious toward Armytek Wizard I still have a preference for headlamps that leave my hands...
  10. Stefano

    Nitecore EA21 beamshot

    Hi guys :) Nitecore EA21 beamshot Edit: My EA21 review: (italian language) This image contains probably a error. The level of 220 lumens seems equal to that of 110 - probably I made a mistake during the shots, sorry. Nitecore EA21 vs Nitecore MT21A...
  11. Stefano

    Fenix TK09 review (italian)

    Sorry, only in Italian language. But perhaps you can appreciate the photographs. Because of the rain I made a few beamshot, they insert other as soon as possible (Translated by Google)
  12. Stefano

    Fenix PD32 (XP-G2) italian review

    Hi guys Sorry, only in Italian language. or short URL: But maybe someone can appreciate the photos and beamshot :-) Regards Stefano
  13. Stefano

    New Fenix PD32 Turbo 900 lumens ??

    On some European sites appeared for sale a Fenix ​​PD32 "Turbo Edition" 900 lumens But on the site fenix no information on this new torch, someone has news? The runtime also seems superior to that of PD35 New PD32 Turbo "900 lumens version" runtime: Runtime: 10 Lumen 150...
  14. Stefano

    Zebralight H52w review (italian)

    Sorry, only in Italian. But maybe someone can appreciate the photos and beamshot
  15. Stefano

    Fenix TK61 Review

    Sorry, only available in Italian
  16. Stefano

    Fenix LD 22 or E25 ?

    Hi guys I was commissioned to buy two torches to make a gift. For various reasons, the choice is between Fenix ​​Fenix ​​LD22 and E25 The E25 model is cheaper and this looks good but I've read conflicting opinions on switch, some say that switch does not work well. The light has a lot of throw...
  17. Stefano

    Emergency Battery Charger

    I write with online translator hoping someone understands me :) Hypothetical critical situation or apocalyptic, to recharge the flashlights.. I have several chargers, with a 12 V car adapter, but in a critical scenario may not be able to use it. (Nitecore I2 and I4 - Duracell mobile Traveller...
  18. Stefano

    Zebralight H31

    Sorry but I write with a translator online. I saw on the site Zebralight discount prices. (Headlamp) I have many headlamps Zebra (H600 - H502 - H51 and H51w) but I never had H31. I'd like a H31w Can someone tell me what kind of beam has this Zebra? Similar to H51? An Italian user wrote to me...
  19. Stefano

    Help for review [video camera)

    Hi, I hope not to be OT here. I am writing with an online translator but I hope I can make myself understood :) I want to buy a video camera to make torches review, I would like to know if any of you have any particular model to recommend. I should point out that the video camera I need to make...
  20. Stefano

    Eneloop XX and Zebralight H502

    I have a Zebralight H502 cool white , I saw recently that the level of H1 and H2 were identical in brightness. In the past I saw instead the difference albeit minimal. I wrote to Zebralight asking if they could give me some information, I specified that I used Eneloop XX (black) They responded...