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  1. DaGunn

    OK to point a gun at me, if you have a light also

    Not worth commenting upon, please disregard.
  2. DaGunn

    Woo Hoo! IF you smell something stinky... its ME!

    Cause I am the poop! Just sold an ARC AAA standard on ebay for $ 122.50. The downside is that the winning bid is from someone from Bogota Columbia, he does not have PayPal, and my auction stated US addresses only. Now what?!? Should I get one of them watch-strangling thingees or just accept...
  3. DaGunn

    Exploding Cell Phone?

    An interesting article, I had read something similar last year also. Look!
  4. DaGunn

    Lux or Footcandles

    What is the preferred measure for light output, Lux or footcandles? I understand that the measurements are made at one meter and one foot, respectively. Should dispersed (spill) light be redirected onto the light meter or am I missing the logic altogether here. It is seems that not all...
  5. DaGunn

    Where can I buy a 13/16-20 bottoming tap?

    As the subject title says it all... I want to put an Aleph LE into E1e/E2e Bezel and am looking for someone that sells a tap in this size and thread. Thanks in advance for any assistance! Dave
  6. DaGunn

    Help: Camera settings for Beam Shots

    Ok, I have never taken photos in the dark and need some help in what settings my digital camera should have when snapping pix. I have a 3 megapixel Nikon CoolPix 990. Also when posting these beamshots should I just use 72 dpi with 600X600 photo size? Thanks in advance for any assistance. Dave
  7. DaGunn

    Arc AAA+P on ebay for $107.50

    There is one listed on ebay with a little over 6 hours till the end of auction! $107.50, WOW! Dave
  8. DaGunn

    E1e/E2e bezel

    How can I remove the two sections of the bezel? It seems to be epoxied together or something. I don't want to damage the bezel with pipe wrenches. Thanks in advance for any assistance! Dave
  9. DaGunn

    Applying Glow paint/powder to Hotlips

    I was impressed by the many mods where people have used the glow paint/powder. I broke down and purchased a couple of bottles of glow paint but I don't know how/where the others applied the glow. Is it around the central post on the hotlips, do you apply it over the wires leading to the...