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  1. bones_708

    Inexpensive weapon light for Rem 870 suggestions

    True the body in different and there is an adapter that goes between the body and bezel. Personally I don't think the bezel will help with the batteries at all that is just to protect the lamp more from the shock of firing than battery impact. If you want to be sure then buy a weapon light...
  2. bones_708

    Good light for LEO?

    Well at the same size as a 6p the #1 light is the streamlight strion. The local cop shop will have them so you can look before you buy and they really are almost idiot proof. Home and car charger, cradle charger at that. Out of the box for a non or even new flashaholic cop you can not beat...
  3. bones_708

    Inexpensive weapon light for Rem 870 suggestions

    The basic reason is because we use the lights other than how they are intended. We are talking about using 6p's and G2's not weapon lights. I would bet that using SF designed weapon lights the denting is not a problem. Buy an old Z32 (man I hope I got that right) put it on a 6p or g2 body and...
  4. bones_708

    Inexpensive weapon light for Rem 870 suggestions

    You can still buy CR223 sticks just not from surefire
  5. bones_708

    Best Flash lights for fire investigation

    Hey I like the look of that floodlight on Amazon. I would be real tempted to try that. I got curious and found these. Two of those on a frame with wiring so you could tie it in to a vehicle or a 12v batt if...
  6. bones_708

    Best Flash lights for fire investigation

    The simple answer, for the scene lighting, is that there are none for the price you want. The cast would be more that the lights and Gen combined. That only make sense considering the limited market and the increase in price for portability. Pelican does make scene lighting one in a rolling case...
  7. bones_708

    Pelican flashlights? How are the new ones

    They make some of the best "industrial" lights out there. The market they go for isn't police/military but comercial and fire. At that they put out some of the best. Here most of the focus seems to be output so pelican is overlooked.
  8. bones_708

    Flashlights & security officers

    Here is a 6aa to 2d adapter unless you need 7.2v I think you will send a little less and have a easier time with the 3d. Start simple and then go more complex.
  9. bones_708

    Flashlights & security officers

    I think a better choice may be a 3d mag with a 6v battery stick like the magcharger and streamlight uses. Here is a charger and you can find cheap batteries on ebay. Radio Shack has halogen 5.5v bulbs that when used in this setup are...
  10. bones_708

    Flashlights & security officers

    There are reasons that Mag lights and Streamlights are far and away the most popular public safety lights out there. While there are a lot of great lights I would start with one of those and then go from there. Cost seems to be a factor and with what noncom work pays I can understand that so...
  11. bones_708

    Sticking flashlight in mouth can be deadly

    Anything can happen and eventually probably will but this sounds like BS to me. A lot of people have strong opinions about how you should do things. Making up stories is one way they use to try and get you to thing their way. The problem is once you catch them BSing what will you think about...
  12. bones_708

    Surefire 9AN Commander

    I like and still use my 9AN. The low light is great for paperwork with the main light still holding its own for throw and brightness with newer lights. At the time this was one of the best and most innovative lights out there. It may be a little long in the tooth but it's still a great light.
  13. bones_708

    Streamlite Stinger Charging Contact Problem??

    If you want it local many cop shops carry parts otherwise you can find them on e-bay or just do a search for Streamlight 75140. Optics Planet carries them but the lowest price that I remember is cheaper than dirt.
  14. bones_708

    Are there any special rechargeable flashlights that can alsorun on regular batteries?

    Pelicans can do so. They are some of my favorite lights, cradle recharge, and can be used with reg alk batts at need. Not the brightest lights but very good, well made lights.
  15. bones_708

    Tell me about the Surefire 8X

    Nothing but the surefire lamps fit in the 8 series. There have been a few mods but nothing drop in. As far as the charger you can use a hobby charger or the SF one with a 110 power supply and it will work fine. Buy an old SF or use any 110 to 12v power supply and just add the right connector.
  16. bones_708

    Can a G2 take the recoil?

    DL223AC- If you don't add the "C" it's the camera battery that has the two cells side by side. The only place that I've seen these even close to reasonable is at batteryspace for $6. Some places charge $25 for 1!!!!!
  17. bones_708

    is it ok to t'port gen 1 night vision to Australia

    Why bother? Most of us here end up buying the cheaper Russian surplus NV anyway.
  18. bones_708

    Police Officer in need of belt flashlight

    Is this going to be your main light and do you work nights? Or is this a backup/just in case light? Unless you are big into lights stay simple and go with streamlight, sf, or the pelican. The strion is a very small light that is a great leave on your belt light that has enough power to be used...
  19. bones_708

    We disklike China made batts, but ?

    It seems simple to me. If a battery is made in USA or Japan you can feel pretty comfortable that it will be adequate quality. China cells may be just as good but may also be very bad sometimes even when they have the same labeling. Quality can vary from batch to batch (different vendors?) and...
  20. bones_708

    Strion Battery Needed - any options???

    How long have you had it? They (the batteries) should last for years. The cheapest place I know to get a battery is cheaper than dirt. They have one for about $23 as I remember. Strions are a bit new to have the strong aftermarket support like the stinger.