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    Lumintop SD26 Review 1000 Lumen 26650 Light

    I wanted to leave some images and video of a new light that i just got. The Lumintop SD26 is a new light class for me and its my first 26650 light that i have. The pros and cons will be listed below. I really enjoy the fit and build of this light. Pros USB rechargeable Long Run times...
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    Nitecore F1 Charger / Battery Pack Review

    Yes it works great with my Nitecore Cell thats 3400Mah
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    MH20GT or ???

    I just got a Lumintop SDMini (MH20 copy) and im loving it. its the XPL-HI model and has a 300m range on it. Onboard Charging and quality build make it a great light for me. its 59.99 on amazon also!!
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    Newbie waiting and wondering

    This is how it all started for me! No i'm hooked on reviewing lights and collecting more. I have the Mi7 and love it for a small cary. The e11 is pretty legit also (i don't know exactly how it compares) since i don't own one.
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    Lumintop SDMini Video Review - 920 lumen 1x18650 300m Thrower!!!!

    Intro- My Addiction to flashlights started about 10 years ago when I bought my first Streamlight Stinger XTHP. After that I started buying any high power flashlight I could get my hands on and hoarding them in my house. I have numerous flashlights that are around the same lumen output and...
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    Nitecore F1 Charger / Battery Pack Review

    When you first put the battery in the charger the lights will blink to indicate the voltage of the battery. 4.2 is full and 3.4 ish is staring to die.
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    Nitecore F1 Charger / Battery Pack Review

    Glad i could help! Its pretty sweet.
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    Nitecore F1 Charger / Battery Pack Review

    Nitecore F1 Charger Review Looking for portable power has never been easier when your traveling or on the go. If your like me and love flashlights you will have a surplus of extra 18650 batteries laying around from old lights or extra batteries that you aren’t using anymore. Now you can...
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    Nitecore HC30 1000lm Headlamp | Video Review & Pictures

    Nitecore HC30 Review VIDEO REVIEW Pros: Wide beam and minimal hotspot ½ press to get to low mode (1lm) Up to 1000 Lm (Insane brightness) Compact (Great for an EDC) Dual Purpose Headlamp / EDC Light 18650 batteries / CR123 90 Degree Head Cons: Light gets hot (Not too hot to...
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    Nitecore MH27 - Review - Video and TONS of Pictures of Real Life Uses

    The one negative with the MH27uv is that the light will boot into uv mode when you hold the - and the power...... I like with the non uv model is that when you do the - and power it goes into red mode..... awesome at night when you only need a little light. I guess it just depends on what you...
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    Nitecore MH27 - Review - Video and TONS of Pictures of Real Life Uses

    Your telling me! Ahhh. I just saw that UV model on Monday. Dang. It looks cool but I'm not sure I would use the UV too much. I have been doing a lot of night hikes lately and I use the red and green a lot. The moon has been pretty bright here in San Diego so I haven't had to use a ton of...
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    Nitecore MH27 - Review - Video and TONS of Pictures of Real Life Uses

    Thanks yes you gotta give it a shot. its pretty fun and you only get one shot during each exposure so it makes it interesting.
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    Nitecore MH27 - Review - Video and TONS of Pictures of Real Life Uses

    for submission in the Reviews forum Review of the Nitecore MH27 The Light…… I just recently purchased the Nitecore MH27 and am so happy to have picked such a GEM!! I usually don’t do a ton of research on lights and tend to buy them from word of mouth. This time I looked all over the...
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    Nitecore TM16GT "Thrower" (4xXP-L HI V3, 4x18650) Review

    That thing sure is a Tiny Monster... wow... I think i need this light!
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    Nitecore MH20: XM-L2 (U2),micro-usb, 1x18650, max. 1000 lumens, (beam)shots, compare

    I just got a MH27 and this was one of the other options. I really like this light for the compact size. I just really wanted my next light to have a + and - beam selector.
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    JETBeam RRT-0 Overview With Lots of Pictures

    Thanks for all the pictures !!! This one looks like its more of a thrower. Nice looking light:thumbsup:
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    Looking for A SUPER thrower for under $100

    Nitecore MH27 !! Just got mine a few weeks ago and i love it!!!! so many awesome modes and also 3 colors. 1000 lumens and long run time.