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    Very difficult NOT to love AAA's these days.

    L0D rebel natural has been in my pocket since Aug 07. Many have tried but none kicked it out, as it simply did its job. Alas earlier this month some time between fight night at Misawa AFB and Star Trek Into Darkness 3D opening the next night it jumped out of my life. Just received an Olight...
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    Sold/Expired Homemade Surefire A2 Aviator LED rings (2nd Run) *CLOSED*

    Re: FS: Homemade Surefire A2 Aviator LED rings (2nd Run) *OPEN* Hi Mike, I would like one Single Mode Warm White please. Thanks. Keith
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    Sold/Expired FS - Onion Rings (SF A2 LED rings)

    I would like to place an order, please.... Two (2) Onion Rings @ $21/ea Airmail shipping @ $3.50 Total $45.50 Also interested in leds if you have some in stock when the rings are ready. Really appreciate your efforts. My A2 is still a favorite flash light Let me know when,,,, Thanks...
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    Non-Chemical Water Softener

    I've only used salt type, but did see this a while back.
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    Question about terminology (ranks?) in the US Army

    Refers to military staff
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    First real knife

    Well I thank you anyway, even though I must admit your recommendation is not what I'm looking for. BUT, yes, that does seem to be a nice knife. It's just not what I'm interested in is all. I gots to have my serrated edge for one thing. _______________________________________ <:-) I knew that...
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    First real knife

    However, it is often true that the most popular items are not the best and/or there are better lesser known (and cheaper) alternatives, and that levels of expertise vary. ____________________________ I was not going to reply to this thread as my recommendation is not flashy, nor serrated, and is...
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    Bicycles: crank-forward models?

    Crank Forward Forum Some brand info My around town ride is a K2 Big Easy Deuce
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    Best Tap Water Filter On Demand System?

    Bad taste? --? I guess some people use an RO filter by it self??? I've only heard of this for fish tanks. Typical RO three filter setup: 1st filter, regular carbon block type, keep RO filter from being over worked by removing sediment, also chlorine/other chemicals 2ond filter, RO, remove...
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    Best Tap Water Filter On Demand System?

    Yep, I like fruits an vegies when eating them, but it is easy not to. So I add a dose of Boku to one of my glasses of RO every day. The original reason I went with RO was to cut down on estrogen, hormones, drugs, ... that are infiltrating our water system every day. Now that I'm in the...
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    Best Tap Water Filter On Demand System?

    The talk about RO water being bad for you got me going for a bit... so far the only "facts" I've found are from folks promoting alkaline water. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Reverse Osmosis FAQ A guy told me reverse osmosis units waste a lot of water. Is that true? It depends on what you...
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    New Nitecore EZ CR123 and CR2 lights

    I've waited a long time, hoping Fenix would offer the L0D/LD01 in a warm tint. Now I'm very happy with my EZ AA W (love the warm tint), but... I would really like to see an EZ AAA W with the low setting the same as the AA, and high set to whatever level will let it run for around an hour. In...
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    Best Tap Water Filter On Demand System?

    I have been thinking about buying a emergency siphon setup. Not sure about hygenyics of the gravity suck start though. :green:
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    Best Tap Water Filter On Demand System?

    Pure Water site, their model 77 filter is good for city water and they have a good selection of cartridge types and media. I use the Black & white reverse osmosis.
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    what was the FIRST cpf thread?

    The first ten post were on rec.knives?
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    best alarm clocks??

    SLEEPTRACKER is interesting, but $$$. I use this Dawn Simulator timer and Accent Light with a full spectrum flood aimed at my head. Sometimes I wake when it is a glow other times the light is full on, but like the above gadget I think this setup wakes you during the almost awake sequence of...
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    Need some bike, cycling, cardio, exercise advice...

    RANS Crank Forward would work for around the estate.
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    Thinnest Knife Suggestions?

    Al Mar Ultralight AG One hand CPM 154 AG One hand FeatherLite
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    Recommend me a good budget space heater

    Vornado DVTH and it's a fan in the summer time.