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    Sold/Expired WTB Olight S1 copper or brass

    Looking for this light in either finish. Had a deal with another member who couldn't figure out how to use paypal and for some reason thought I was trying to scam him lol. I assure I don't scam. Legit deals PayPal ONLY.
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    Sold/Expired WTB small brass or copper pocket light

    Looking for a small brass or copper pocket light. Preferably cr123 or 18650. I was looking for copper or brass Olight S1's.
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    Problems with Olight S30R II

    Hi I'm new to led flashlights and new to CPF. Not exactly new to flashlights but once I discovered the world of led lights it has been a lot of fun. My newest light I bought last week was the Olight S30R Baton II. I liked the idea of the easy recharging stand. The last couple of days it has...