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  1. the0dore3524

    McClicky Boot O-Ring Retainer?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find these or what size O-ring it is? It’s the O-ring that goes over the switch boot and keeps it in place. Thanks!
  2. the0dore3524

    Malkoff/Elzetta Potting epoxy?

    Does anyone know what expoxy Malkoff/Elzetta uses to pot their heads? It's the same as Pflexpro, I believe. Pflexpro used to have a link to what they used, but their site is down and I can't remember. Thanks in advance!
  3. the0dore3524

    [Review] Frelux Synergy2: Following A Precedent

    For optimal viewing, please read the review on my site here. Introduction Frelux’s first foray into the flashlight world, the Synergy 1, is something that I would not hesitate to call “very good”. It certainly wasn’t without flaws; however, it effectively redefined the price bracket for...
  4. the0dore3524

    Sold/Expired WTB: Tana SingLED Drop-In for E1E

    If anyone has one of these with the Tana 3 firmware, I’d be interested in purchasing. Just shoot me a message, thanks!
  5. the0dore3524

    The State of the Custom Flashlight Market

    Today’s topic is the state of the custom flashlight market. I’ll be covering what you need to understand purchasing a custom flashlight, the current problem with the custom flashlight market, and what I’d like to see going forward. I do think that a lot of what I’ve got to say today is...
  6. the0dore3524

    Prometheus Lights Alpha Custom (6500K MCE) Review

    Don't know if the reviews section of CPF is still active or what, but hopefully this sub-forum is appropriate. For the best viewing experience, please consider reading from my site. I’ve been aware of Jason’s (the owner of Prometheus/Dark Sucks) products for some time, but the high buy-in...
  7. the0dore3524

    Gyorgy Kemene's Omicron: 3 Month Review and Beyond w/ Real-World Use

    Hopefully a moderator can move this review to the appropriate sub-forum. The Omicron is a compact, 10180 flashlight custom built to spec by Gyorgy Kemenes. For those that missed the review that detailed my first impressions of this flashlight, you can read it here. I think that longer-term...
  8. the0dore3524

    The Ideal EDC Flashlight: A Comprehensive Essay and In-Depth Comparison

    Please read on my site for the best viewing experience: You might be thinking, "Wow, an essay. This dude writes a full-blown essayon flashlights, does he have nothing better to...
  9. the0dore3524

    Review: Lux-RC Minion R1

    This is the first review I’ve done for submission to the review forums, but I’ll do my best! Please pardon any formatting errors or erroneous grammar. Official specifications from the manufacturer I should start off by giving a little background regarding Lux-RC Labs and its owner. Lux-RC...
  10. the0dore3524

    Sold/Expired WTB: Okluma Aluminum DC1, OR WASP, HDS

    Hey all, looking for the above lights. Now looking for a Sinner Tri-EDC and a Gyorgy Kemene’s Omicron in Titanium or Copper. Please PM any offers. Thanks!
  11. the0dore3524

    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN: Elzetta Alpha

    Just looking for an Alpha to throw into my BOB bag. 315 lumen version preferred. Condition isn't a huge concern, but decent condition would be better. Let me know what you got!
  12. the0dore3524

    Sold/Expired WTS: TnC Extreme Micro Dragon EN

    Well, I've finally come to the conclusion that keychain lights are just not for me. These just sit around collecting dust, so here they are. I would prefer to ship them all out together, but if you're interested in a particular one, please let me know. Price is $460 > $450 for the lot and...
  13. the0dore3524

    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN: Surefire T1A Titan

    If anyone has one of these, hit me up! They've become very hard to find lately and I love the UI. Looking for any condition provided the price is right. Thanks!
  14. the0dore3524

    Sold/Expired CLOSED [WTB]: Muyshondt Aeon MK. III

    Hey all! If anyone has one of these torches in the Aluminum variant, I'd be interested in purchasing. Condition doesn't matter much, as long as the torch is functional and the price is right. Also have some lights I could throw in to sweeten the deal or sub in as cash. Please contact me if you...
  15. the0dore3524

    Sold/Expired For Sale: HDS LE 18650 (325 Lumens, Standard Pocket Clip, Flush Tailcap)

    Hey all, Haven't done one of these in a while, and it's time to clear out the stuff that just doesn't get used. First up is an HDS LE 18650. $280. TRADED Specs are as follows: • 325 lumen version • Black bezel • flush tailcap • standard pocket clip Overall, the light is in good to very...
  16. the0dore3524

    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN: Oveready Triples

    Looking for Moddoolar lights, such as the Clicky and ZRS. v5 is preferred, but I’d still be interested in V4. Let me know what you have! I can pay through PayPal.
  17. the0dore3524

    Sold/Expired WITHDRAWN: TnC Extreme Micro Turbo Dragon, Sigma Customs, BOSS 35,

    These are the items I am currently looking for. Don't have anything to trade at this time except for maybe HDS. Please PM me with any offers!
  18. the0dore3524

    Sold/Expired WTS: Malkoff M361N

    Hey all, I have a Malkoff M361N for sale. I will include the original packaging as well as a VME Lens kit if wanted. It's in very good condition and I haven't used it much. Just don't like the tint. I will add pictures later. I'm asking $52 PayPal G&S + shipping. First I'll take it gets it. Thanks!
  19. the0dore3524

    Surefire G2X Tactical...BATTERY IS STUCk!!!

    Hi all, I was messing around with my G2X and threw in a 16650 Keeppower rechargeable. Well now it's stuck. I have no idea what to do...tried taking tape to pull it out but to no avail. I think I might have to get off the head, but don't know how. Please help! Thanks :(
  20. the0dore3524

    Sold/Expired WTS: Sinner Tri-EDC

    Hi all, Looking to go in a new direction here. Up for consideration is a Sinner Tri-EDC. As much as I like the light, the reality is that I almost never use it. I have carried it and am the second owner. There are the light scratches that are inevitable with titanium, as well as a few maker's...