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  1. ChrisGarrett

    Current "Best" RCR123 Batteries?

    Only dimensionally. Try charging an RCR123 on a charger meant for 16340s. Not going to bode well. Conversely, try using a 16340 cell, or two, in a light that has a 3.0v/6.0v driver. Poof. Chris
  2. ChrisGarrett

    AmazonBasics AA batteries

    'He's dead, Jim.' High internal resistances. It happens. Chris
  3. ChrisGarrett

    What is the longest you have carried the same EDC light?

    Like most here, I have 3 dozen smaller lights and I've rotated through them over the years; however, the most recent favorite is my EagleTac D25C Ti. clicky from 2014. It's small, unobtrusive and gets the job done for this city slicker. Chris
  4. ChrisGarrett

    21700 or 18650 - just starting out

    I use 21700s in an Xtar PB2S—Samsung 50Es, but have no lights that use that form-factor. They offer advantages over the ubiquitous 18650 that some may prefer, but not for me. Flashlights will be slightly bigger/better, but that doesn’t matter much, to me. For my power bank, they made sense...
  5. ChrisGarrett

    Pick me a charger.

    I've got two Opus 3400s--a 2.2 version and a 3.1 version and I love them both. I have about 15+ Xtar chargers, so I'm a fan, but I never bought the Dragon. Chris
  6. ChrisGarrett

    Should I go with a protected or unprotected battery?

    Fitment in older/newer lights, another failure point to fail and current/charging limits for that particular PCB, to name but a few. Chris
  7. ChrisGarrett

    Should I go with a protected or unprotected battery?

    You should be able to comprehend my comments, notwithstanding my error in botching up your triple quote, which I apologize for. Fridges are a dry environment, which…again, is why they come with crisper drawers. Let them come up to room temperature before using them and wipe off any...
  8. ChrisGarrett

    IMR 18650 vs Regular 18650

    Stick to the big 5: Sony/Murata, Sanyo/Panasonic, LG and Samsung. I never buy flashlight branded batteries because I never know what I’m getting. You guys do you, however. Chris
  9. ChrisGarrett

    Should I go with a protected or unprotected battery?

    Refrigerators are generally a dry environment, which is why they have crisper drawers. Chris
  10. ChrisGarrett

    Should I go with a protected or unprotected battery?

    Unless I’m running a ‘series’ light, I never really use them, but I have some. My first two li-ions were protected Eagle Tac Pannie 3100s. They’ve been stored in the fridge for 10 years. Buy quality stuff, learn how to use it and don’t worry. Chris
  11. ChrisGarrett

    Low current from CR123 with high power LED

    USA and Japanese CR123As are rated for ~1.5A, so what brand are you using? New, old? They also sag quite a bit under any appreciable load. Chris
  12. ChrisGarrett

    Seeking NiMH/Eneloop Charger that can go to 8 (or 10)

    SkyRC MC3000 can do all of that stuff and more. I don't know if they've come out with an updated charger, as somewhat promised, but that was about the best of the best for consumer chargers. Check on Ebay. Chris
  13. ChrisGarrett

    Need recommendation for 1.5v rechargeable AA's

    Just buy standard white 2000mAh Eneloops, or Fujitsus, they're the best made on planet Earth. Make sure that they're 'made in Japan.' If you need more capacity, say for camera flashes, game controlers or certain high drain AA lights, get their HiCaps, although you'll need to replace them in 2-3...
  14. ChrisGarrett

    Alkaline battery vented in MDC-AA

    Yours is a story of woe. Eneloops are your answer. For higher drains, get the Pros, despite their shorter life span. Chris
  15. ChrisGarrett

    10180 Batteries

    Peanut lights take them, but there aren't many options out there for us. Buy them from Battery Junction and just use them until they're dead. You need the light to work and it will with new cells. Chris
  16. ChrisGarrett

    Get em while you can - Surefire 123A primary's on clearance at Lowe's

    I will go tomorrow, but 2 years back, I paid $17.88 per 12 pack, buying two of them, so that's a great deal if the expiry date isn't poop. Chris
  17. ChrisGarrett

    What flashlights have you lost?

    A CooYo peanut light, with a housekey attached, during Hurricane Irma. It fell out of my pocket while I was clearing branches downstairs, from in front of my neighbor's patio. Never did find them. Chris
  18. ChrisGarrett

    What's this LEP all about

    Fidget spinners for adult males! Chris
  19. ChrisGarrett

    which battery do you prefere for pocket flashlights?

    16340s almost exclusively. For the past year, I’ve gone back to my 2014 ET D25C Ti. clicky. It’s more than adequate for my daily needs. Chris
  20. ChrisGarrett

    Titanium Innovations CR123A 1600mAh good? there 92 cents now

    I think that SelfBuilt’s testing of them and the Panasonic derivatives, found that the PTC safety kicked in at a slightly higher temperature than the Pannies, which might be ‘more’ problematic in today’s lights, with higher outputs. Chris