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    New Nitecore P35i

    Nitecore P35i YouTube P35i video search Product video Video with narration
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    165 Watt, 4 C port charger for laptops and phones

    Satechi 165 Watt Charger $120 or about $100 with online discount codes I wanted to reduce the number of charging blocks I was taking on trips and bought this charger about a month ago. It replaces chargers for my Lenovo laptop, apple iPhone - tablet - watch, and mophie batteries. I’ve charged...
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    Wall switch for a ceiling pull cord light fixture

    I upgraded a pull cord light fixture in our basement to a remote control light socket and wall switch by Dewenwils, and it works great and I even removed the pull cord chain. The switch has good range (claims 80 feet) so I can mount it at the top of the stairs and it works through the walls. I...
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    Now that’s a flashlight!
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    America’s Cup

    I’ve always been fascinated by the technology of the sailboats in the America’s Cup. An article said that in the first 100 years since the start in 1851, they were only going 3 knots faster, but in the last 10 years they are going 300% faster! The next America’s Cup for 2021 in New Zealand...
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    TINI 2 by Nitecore

    I’ve had this light about a week now and really like it. The small readout window lets me know what lumen level I’m running it on: 1, 15, 65, or 200, and the runtime available on each level. There’s also a display showing battery charge status. The turbo 500 lumen is always available...
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    Acebeam G10 $159 White Laser

    Just saw this light on their web site but there isn’t any information on it, just the picture and it is in the white laser directory or category. It kind of looks like a bike light.
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    850 Lumens/75 Watt Equivalent/Uses 9.4 Watts/90 CRI/Recessed Lights

    We have recessed can lights in two showers in our bathrooms. Costco had a 2 pack of these lights by Feit for $15 and it only took me about 5 minutes to install each one, since they have a plug that screws in where the old light bulb was. The light is bright with good color rendition with a 90...
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    20,000 Lumens/1,000 Watt Equivalent/ Uses 175 Watts

    Just saw this one for about $75 -
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    10,000 Lumens/500 Watt Equivalent/ Uses 100 Watts

    Put this in the garage for lots of light!
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    Wyn Labs Wallet

    I bought a Wyn Labs carbon fiber wallet and really like how thin and lite it is, and I can stick a credit card chip end in the machine readers without taking it out of the wallet. It is $30. I’ve been using it for about a month.
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    Small LED bulb replaced my halogen bulb

    Our bathroom light fixtures use 4 halogen bulbs, they get really hot, use a lot of electricity. Today Home Depot had these 75 Watt replacement led bulbs by Feit so I gave 2 of them a try and they work, are bright and not hot. Hope they last as long as they claim. I’ve been waiting for these...
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    Need Recommendation- short bottom of pocket, bright for 2 hours, walking light

    ==================Flashlight Recommendation Checklist================ 1) How would you prefer to purchase the light? ____I would like to purchase the light in person from a brick and mortar store. I am located in ______________. __X__This will be mail-order or Online (location doesn't matter)...
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    HDS Reviews?

    HDS is one of the most popular brands judging by the number of message posts, but are there any good technical reviews, like Selfbuilt's reviews, of HDS lights?
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    Gerber every day GDC tools

    Gerber has a line of small tools that attach to jacket zippers. Has anyone tried them?
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    Replacement for old 6 foot T12's needed

    Hi - I've got 4 bulbs in two fixtures that I need to replace. I thought about the newer T8 or T5 fixtures, but have only found them in four foot lengths, not the existing 6 foot length I have now. Is there anything in LED that would make sense? Home Depot had a 2 foot by 2 foot LED light but...
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    Small size, big high for a long time?

    I'm looking for a smaller light, one that is at the limit of what would fit a pocket, maybe up to 6 inches in length, and that puts out the most light possible on high and doesn't step down so it can continue to run on high. Cost limit around $300.
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    DD D2 or MBI HF?

    I've been carrying the Mini CR2, but I'm thinking about going to something smaller and was wondering how people are liking the DD, D2, or MBI HF lights?
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    Small Personal locator beacon PLB

    A really small PLB has finally been approved
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    Best 3x18650?

    Which do you think is the best 3 cell 18650 light?