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    AA EDC with Kiss interface

    Some days ago my father asked me to get a few lights to give away to some neighbours we are in good terms with. I was trying to find the "ideal" light for the task but found none that fulfill all the requirements. - It MUST be 1xAA powered. - Easy to use interface. The ideal levels would be...
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    According some news, Spotify is going to US "soon". Are you going to try it?
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    Everfast LSD

    Hi. Today I was lurking in a chain store in spain (alcampo if you want to know) and found some of these in sale. For those who dont know it, buying batteries in spain is expensive (there was some AA duraloops at 18+ € in the same store) and finding LSD cells at 0.5 € each its really a bargain...
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    Appropriate Charge Rate for NiCad Batteries

    The question is similar to the other thread about NiMH cells. What's the "recommended" charge rate of NiCad batteries? NiCads are more robust than NiMH as they tolerate overcharging better and they can be discharged at a much higher rate. The big disadvantage of them is lower capacity and that...
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    Are there any GS Yuasa enitime tests?

    Hi. A couple of months ago I saw some AAA Ni-MH cells made by GS Yuasa. Since most of the sites you usually recommend to get eneloops or any kind of batteries are in the US and shipping costs make buying from them a bit expensive to me, I got a pack of four enitimes just to try them. Since my...