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    A puzzling question

    How do you say 18650?
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    Fenix Threads Thread

    The threads on my Fenix are grindy/gritty. I've tried lubricating/cleaning them. Any ideas to fix this?
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    Flashlight Story

    Well, although I enjoy the use and ownership of various flashlights, my parents feel otherwise. We were having a discussion on the matter earlier tonight when I brought up that if they don't want to carry a flashlight, at least there should be one within arm's reach of the toilet, preventing...
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    Maxablaster in Popular Science!

    Congratulations Ra! I opened my copy of the newest issue to the How2.0 page. I see a HID light. "That looks familiar..."
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    "High winds knocked down ubiquitous palm fronds, and thousands of customers around Los Angeles lost power, at least temporarily after power lines were hit with high winds, but the area saw no real damage." Source Any lucky CPF'ers? On second thought, they probably can't tell us... Edit: Mods...
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    Anyone know if these are protected? Does anyone know if these batteries are protected? It doesn't say either way on their web pages. Also, are they any good? Did anyone have any problems with these? Thanks. Stephen
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    P2D for Christmas (and first impressions from a newbie)

    I finally got a quality light! I received a Fenix P2D Q5 for Christmas! This is my first quality light and I'm very excited about using it. We're going to the movies tomorrow :D. Size: Nothing can really get across the incredibly small size of this light other than seeing it in person. It...
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    P2D -> P3D -> L2D

    Can you safely use a P2D or L2D body on a P3D head? If so, are the runtimes/brightness properly adjusted? I can't decide between which one to get, so I figure that all 3 for about $100 is a pretty good deal (yay CPF motto). Thanks.
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    EDC for Mom

    Hi! My mom has a job that requires her to walk through isolated unlit areas. Therefore, I think she needs an EDC light. It needs to be powerful and have a way to quickly switch to the brightest mode. I am torn between the Fenix L1D and the Fenix P3D. The only thing that is stopping...
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    Fenix L0D upgrade?

    Hi! I'm considering buying a Fenix L0D. Until five minutes ago, I was sure that I would want an L0D-CE. However, I noticed a few threads referencing a L0D with a new type of LED (Rebel 100). This apparently isn't for sale yet, but should I wait for the new bulb? What are the advantages and...
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    Which is a better keychain light?

    Hi! I'm looking for an LED key chain light. I've narrowed down my search to the Fenix L0D-CE and the Arc AAA-P. Which one do you guys recommend? Thanks!
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    Is this a good flashlight?

    Hi! I'm looking for a good flashlight for general/rough use, as well as some possible search and rescue work in the future. It therefore should be submersible. I've found this one by Lumaray, called the FL-12RX. As I am a noob, do you guys see anything negative about this light? I want to...