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  1. moderator007

    Loose 18650 Li-ion on the shelves

    I was in Tractor Supply today and never guessed I would see this in the flashlight section. A Li-ion with a charger. I don't think it was even a protected Li-ion even though it is a single cell light. 2200mah made in china. Thought you might find this interesting. I know I did considering...
  2. moderator007

    Proxxon Tools

    I recently purchased a Proxxon 38481 IB/E Professional Rotary Tool to replace my old tired dremel. I really like the tool. The quality seems to be well above the dremel rotary tools. The tool seems to have almost no run out in the output shaft. Runs very smooth without vibration like it is well...
  3. moderator007

    Rong Fu RF31 Milling Machine - Reverse?

    I have a Rong Fu RF31/DTMACH112 such as this one. When I got my Mill a month or so ago, the guy that had this machine said the switch had burnt out so he had a common household light switch wired in. Told me It seemed to like to eat switches for some reason. The light switch only has on and off...
  4. moderator007

    Help! Need a end mill bit to cut this.

    I have no idea what tool I need to cut this stud out on a mill. Something like a 3/8 ID hole saw for a mill. I would prefer something that will last a long time as I have to cut several of these. The tool needs to cut a 3/8 OD stud. All the other material around the stud will be removed. I can...
  5. moderator007

    Mini Mag Cut Down 1AA Mod (warning: pic heavy)

    I have seen several of these mods here on CPF. So I thought I try one sense A customer requested one for his wife. Runs off of a single AA battery. Didn't really want to go the li-ion route here for safety purposes. The driver came from DX about two years ago and they don't sell them anymore...
  6. moderator007

    Calculating mw output from current draw

    I have a green laser that is drawing 600ma from a 4.2v li-ion. Is there a way of calculating the mw output knowing the current draw? I know there are other factors to consider such as the driver efficiency but I would just like to know a in the ball park figure. I have searched for a figure but...
  7. moderator007

    XM-L Gone To Led Heaven

    I have a custom hunting light that I made for a friend. The XM-L seems to have went to heaven. The light has 10 18650's wired 2s5p. The light was in the back seat and some how had got switched on under a jacket. The light had been running for some time when it was found. This light can run about...
  8. moderator007

    Maglite vented switch Mod

    Well, i ask about a maglite vented tail cap here. Never did find out what the maglite add was referring to. So i came up with my own vent for li-ion use in maglites. This should let the rubber switch cap blow off and vent with out building pressure in the mag. While still being somewhat water...
  9. moderator007

    Maglite with vented tail cap

    Does anyone know what this is. I have a led maglite and i don't see any difference in the incandescent one. This add has it in the description. Maybe its new. I want to add this feature to a 1 D mag i built. Is there easy way to add this. What do you guys do for a vent in a mag?
  10. moderator007

    32650 Protected D size li-ion Tested at 3 amps

    The battery being tested here is the Novae 32650 protected battery. Link here. Battery true dimensions are 32.75mm diameter and 70.40mm length. Checked with dial calipers. I tested this battery with the turnigy accucel 8150 at 3 amps cutoff at 3v. Now i know this is not the correct discharge...
  11. moderator007

    Need a supplier for Delrin

    Does anyone have a good supplier for delrin or any other material that can be used to convert mag D to 18650. I have used pvc plumbing pipe and adapters. I'am looking for something more professional looking. I have a lathe so all i need is a cheap material to work with. I can find suppliers of...
  12. moderator007

    Maglite rebel led reflector

    Hope this is the correct place to put this. If not feel free to move it. I still see alot of post asking about where to buy the rebel reflector. They are hard to find. zbattery has them in stock. I have ordered from them and received 3 perfect reflectors. They are very reasonably priced...
  13. moderator007

    $5.00 Variable Brightness 7.4v pwm Driver

    Well after being a member here for couple years I have come to love the knowledge this place possess. So i felt I should contribute part of my knowlege to cpf. I have been searching a long time for a affordable PWM driver for a double 18650 maglite conversion (2D). I really liked the...
  14. moderator007

    Battery Pack Question

    I am building a hunting light for a friend of mine. Modifying his old nite lite that used lead acid battery. I am going to use dx 3.7v batterys to make the pack. Wired 2s5p 7.4v for a total of 10 batterys. This should give him about 6hrs runtime at 2amps of draw at full power. I am using a pwm...