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  1. coldsolderjoint

    Waterproof Passport Holder

    Cool! :o These are alot cheaper then the ones i was looking at online using google. I have to purchase a few and run them through the washer to test them out.
  2. coldsolderjoint

    Waterproof Passport Holder

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a waterproof Passport Holder? Going on a cruise in the Caribbean this summer and will be going snorkling/boating etc. Thanks
  3. coldsolderjoint

    National Emergency Flashlight

    What is a leaf peeing trip?
  4. coldsolderjoint

    Questions about 200 lumen claim on Fenix P3D Q5

    I like eating french fries for breakfast.
  5. coldsolderjoint

    Sears Craftsman 1 watt "Variable Power" LED upgrade

    Detailed Review:
  6. coldsolderjoint

    GMAIL users

    Not much, i try not to go to work :grin2:
  7. coldsolderjoint

    GMAIL users

    The firewall at one of my jobs thinks cpfunderground is porno.
  8. coldsolderjoint

    Teachers Stage Fake Gun Attack on Kids.

    Most teachers I know are normal people too. This incident was in poor judgement, and probably against rules, but I had the connotation that they did it for the good of the kids "learning about what to do?" The execution seems poor, I'd like to hear their side of the story to find out what...
  9. coldsolderjoint

    Overall you guys like the Seoul better or the Cree?

    Newbie's tests of one Seoul P4 U bin:
  10. coldsolderjoint

    Hey Mag-modders, any rubber switch button tips?

    maybe try a different seal?
  11. coldsolderjoint

    Sold/Expired SOLD: download's Mag of the Ring Kit, for 2C LOP

    Re: download's Mag of the Ring Kit, for 2C LOP recieved thanks!
  12. coldsolderjoint

    Sold/Expired ALL SOLD: 380 nm led's! 2 for $1.50 Shipped!

    380 nm led's! 4 for $2.50 Shipped! Bump Update: Found More! I found a bag with 4 more of these in it! Buy the bag for $2.50 shipped! Grab it now!
  13. coldsolderjoint

    Sold/Expired SOLD: download's Mag of the Ring Kit, for 2C LOP

    I have one of download's Mag of the Ring Kit's, used to make a 2C LOP with 2x18650 without dremeling out the tailcap. This was package B. MagRing kit = (18650 tube, retain ring, metal strip, battery pad & MagRing ) New as he sent it to me. Reference this thread...
  14. coldsolderjoint

    i want a blank license plate

    car in georgia tech's parking lot? Prison where they make them? LOL I doubt u could actually get a blank, maybe u could get a digital picture of it, photoshop whatever u want on it and then have a sign shop/vynil shop print it on a pice of plastic the same size as a license plate...
  15. coldsolderjoint

    Free Marine Soliatre Mag for requesting info pack

    Be prepared for re-lentless calls from "US Govt" on your caller ID. They will send you lots of mail, and even offer to send recruiters to your house to talk about the possibility of joining the armed forces.I signed up for a free t-shirt once in high school, and 4 years later, they still call...
  16. coldsolderjoint

    what type of led is used in police car lights?

    The California-Legal Versions include a setting where one red side/light is always steady on.
  17. coldsolderjoint

    what type of led is used in police car lights?

    the older ones were arrays of 5mm's, the newer ones appear to be lux's, but there seems to be lack of proper heat sinking, upon talking with a respected member here, his guess was that they might be snap-led's I think that whelen has a pretty proprietary relfector/optic design, so they are...
  18. coldsolderjoint

    CPF Lingo (need enlightment)
  19. coldsolderjoint

    CPF Lingo (need enlightment)

    there used to be a list of those abbreviations around here somewhere