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  1. jefflrrp

    Fenix E01 vs Mini Mag (Incan)

    I just bought a stock Maglite 4D last night. Put a 3D krypton bulb to overdrive it. Viola! Instant club with the ability to somewhat illuminate things :cool: Lets see your single AA powered LED wunderlight knock somebody's teeth in :D EDIT: Also, Fenix E01 ftw. Hands down. Unless you want a...
  2. jefflrrp

    New Surefire G2L with KX4 bezel. WOW!

    Just picked up a KX4-BKHA head that happened to come with a G2 body attached :whistle: Got rid of the P90 on my G3 and plopped this baby on it .... I like the nice spot and verrrry smooooth transition from spot to spill on this thing. And it is brighter than a P60L. So my duty light now is a...
  3. jefflrrp

    POLICE: How many lights do you carry on-duty?

    I am a correctional officer with the regional jail authority. I carry a Surefire G3 on my duty belt, and on night shifts, an Inova X1 V4 as a backup. Theres also a Fenix E01 on my keys as well.
  4. jefflrrp

    Surefire 6P LED vs Fenix TK11

    I used to have two P60L modules, now Im down to 1 (sold 1 during a period of unemployment). I must have won the 'luxeon lottery," because both of mine (spaced several months apart) were cool, crisp tints with actually a light blueish, green hue. My dads I think is a little bluer, but all three...
  5. jefflrrp

    Actual lumen count for Maglites with Luxeon Rebel?

    My XL100 is more of a neutral white, like my old 3AA Luxeon. Much brighter than the old Luxeons though, and about 15-20% (to my eye) brighter than the new multi-mode Mini-mag.
  6. jefflrrp

    Maglite XL100 Owner's Club

    just got one. S/N 000025017. Its an interesting little light. Going to take it out back and put it through the paces. It may become my backup duty light (after my 6PL M60LF).
  7. jefflrrp

    Anyone ever order from Opticsplanet?

    Ive used Opticsplanet for a small Maxpedition order. I would use them again in a heartbeat.
  8. jefflrrp

    6PLED Upgrades

    +1000. I have a M60LF. Its the brightest light I own. And that's Gene's "lower powered" version. Its a wall of light.
  9. jefflrrp

    Need help with G2 replacement bulb

    +1 to everything he said. What an informative post. :thumbsup:
  10. jefflrrp

    Malkoff M60LF and M60F

    Just got my M60LF in. I am super impressed. Its in a SF G2. I can't wait to take it out for a spin tonite. It does a good job for room sweeping, I think (not that Im a cop or law enforcement officer). I eventually want to equip all my SF's with Malkoffs. An m60 for the 6PD, a m60ll (for the...
  11. jefflrrp

    Flashlights you have bought this month? 3/2010

    Currently trying to sell an SF L1 Cree..... .... while picking up a Malkoff M60LF
  12. jefflrrp

    What makes a light you just like?

    Im sure Im like many on this forum, in that every time I visit a brick&mortar store, I have to view the flashlight and lantern section(s). Im attracted to old school type lights. I have a love for incandescents and warm-led lights, and so if I see one I like, I pick it up. I also love small...
  13. jefflrrp

    Surefire P60L performance, disappointing?

    Am I the only one who has decent P60L's? Mine are both greenish blue and are the best LED tints I have. Not the best runtime, not the brightest, and they don't work the best outdoors (my p60 incans are for that), but I am very fond of them.
  14. jefflrrp

    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    Re: Knife & Light pics. ..... its so .... dang ..... unuseful .......... must .... not .... want .... that Mag 6D. Too late. I want it.
  15. jefflrrp

    How many of you still use incans over LED's?

    I don't have a very large EDC collection, but my incan Surefires get rotated along with all the rest. If I'm going outdoors, or in rainy or foggy conditions, I'll pack along an SF G2 or G3, sometimes even a (GASP) 3D maglite. I VASTLY prefer incan color rendition over LEDs, to the point where I...
  16. jefflrrp

    Battery Junction Fire

    I really don't have the money :D but I'm eagerly awaiting to place an order with BJ as soon as its up and running again. In my experience BatteryJunction gets an A+ for customer service, which is why I'll be coming back.
  17. jefflrrp

    SureFire: Is the M4 Devastator Worth the Price?

    Theres absolutely nothing wrong with buying four g2's and a 6p. Nothing at all. :devil:
  18. jefflrrp

    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 3)

    On a recent episode of NCIS, Gibbs was using an SF M3. Funny part was, it was bright daytime and he was using it to look in a car. In fact, in a few episodes Ive seen the team use M3's.
  19. jefflrrp

    is 4Sevens really all it's cracked up to be???

    they are excellent lights for the money. My Quark AA had impeccable fit and finish, just very slightly less than my HAII surefires. However, it was dead on arrival and had to be sent back to them. To 47s credit, it was a speedy turnaround. They emailed me and told me it was a tailcap issue, and...
  20. jefflrrp

    Fenix E01 still a good value?

    My house is home to around 3 dozen lights (2.5 dozen of which are mine haha). Out of all the brands, models, battery types and configurations, I choose two above all others: my surefires (any of them) and my little E01's (I have 2, soon to be 4). By far (and by virtue of it being my edc), I use...