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  1. run4jc

    Fenix PD36R USB-C Rechargeable Flashlight

    I've grown somewhat selective in what I agree to review. Like so many "old timers" here, I have figured out what I like and not much catches my attention. Don't mean to sound snobby – not at all – just 64 years young and set in my ways. And my reviews are purely from an everyman's perspective –...
  2. run4jc

    Sold/Expired Haiku, Hive, XPL4200

    Now start searching for some other old aluminum PD-S that was modded by datiLED to a LH351D plus current bump to 750mA is one of my "never sell" favorites. Haiku has been shipped - enjoy! Thanks all.
  3. run4jc

    Sold/Expired Haiku, Hive, XPL4200

    PM replied. SOLD to wayben
  4. run4jc

    Fenix E05R Mini-Review

    Please know that Fenix supplied this light to me in exchange for my honest opinion and review. (I apologize that I couldn't get the photos to flow with the text. Every time I tried to link to a photo, the remaining text all took on the url of the photo link.) After about 13 years of...
  5. run4jc

    Sold/Expired Haiku, Hive, XPL4200

    SOLD. Needs little introduction. No deep scratches or marks - in fact, I can't really find any marks. I have bridged the points to make it programmable, and I set it up basically like the 3S converter - the lowest low, medium at about 25%, and full blast on high. Mode memory - remembers the...
  6. run4jc

    Show your nightstand flashlight!

    That's cool...
  7. run4jc

    Show your nightstand flashlight!

    This isn't the entire collection, but most of these are close at hand at the nightstand, too. Old reliable Surefire lights live in vehicles (2 cars, truck, motorcycle), kitchen drawer, and safes. Zebras are scattered everywhere. Spy serves as a closet illuminator for early morning before...
  8. run4jc

    Amazing Laulima Metal Craft Aluminum Ion

    @jon_slider, I'm not even sure about the lumen levels. My guess is that it tops out at around 800-900, based on other H17Fx/Nichia 219B lights out there. There are 2 banks of programming - mine showed up with 2 levels in one bank - looked to be around 30%/100%, then the other bank had 4...
  9. run4jc

    Amazing Laulima Metal Craft Aluminum Ion

    And don't forget Greg!
  10. run4jc

    Amazing Laulima Metal Craft Aluminum Ion

    Thanks, Brandon! I agree- and $380 shipped was the bronze. The aluminum is only $335 shipped! At least for now...
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  12. run4jc

    Amazing Laulima Metal Craft Aluminum Ion

    These are truly the good old days of flashlights/torches. And it’s a tough space for the builders, as mass-produced, imported lights capture the attention of the masses, and make it tough for custom builders in the US and other countries. For custom builders to differentiate themselves, they...
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