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    Last purchase 2013

    Hi all! Is anyone planning their last flashlight purchase 2013? Right now I'm entertaining the purchase of a Nitecore EA4, I need something that can take AA. chiphead, Austin,Texas
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    Streamlight Stinger Nickel MH battery

    I'd like to get my hands on two Streamlight NiMH batteries for my Stinger HP. If anyone is using them, can you tell me if your getting better runtime with them. I'd almost gotten stuck somewhere between home and the X-Files with a dead truck. And believe me 1hr runtime isn't much after a while...
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    14500 cell, whose using them?

    Look fellas, I'm going through to many AA cells and it's time for a change. How are some of you putting 14500 cells to work in everyday items (radios,etc) without smoking the items? chiphead And it's cold here in Austin, TX.
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    End of the XX-123

    First of all,here is to the hope that everyone had a nice Christmas! Moving on, I am now seeing 18650 lithium ion cells hitting the 3000 mAhr mark. With these highier power densities, are we witnessing the end of the XX-123 cell? Just my observation fellas. chiphead, Austin, TX
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    1st winter using systhetic oil.

    Hi all I'm about to go into my first winter using systhetic oil, anything I should look out for? I'm using Valvoline Hi-Mileage Systhetic since the start of the summer. Now I'm looking at Penzoil Synthetic, I understand that it binds better to the parts. When I start my engine I get this tapping...
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    Streamlight piggyback charger issue

    When ever I place my Stinger in the piggyback charge assembly, the led doesn't come on. I'm sure that the contacts on both the flashlight and the charger are clean, is there something I'm missing? Is it the charge or my Stinger? Chiphead in Austin
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    Solarforce L2...noise.

    Fellas, this one is an X-File! I've got a two cell (18650) Solarforce that I run most of the time with one. I've notice that while running the light with one cell, I get this ringing or osillation noise coming out of the battery. And it doesn't matter the brand of 18650 cell I'm using! But when...
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    Drop-in for SolarForce Lm2 host

    In want to put together an single cell light using a Solarforce LM2 host. But the drop-in seen with either eat a XX123 in 15min or need the drive of a (16350)lithium ion cell. Please advise as buying a new light has lost out battle to the need for new shocks on the truck! chiphead (bleeping hot...
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    JetBeam 18650 cells...good buy?

    I've found some JetBeam 18650 (2700) cells at Amazon, is anyone using this brand? How are they holding up? Chiphead, Austin,TX
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    Cleaning a reflectors, how.

    Ok, there are times when I get a little crazy with grease in some of my lights. Now I've noticed the reflectors on some of bulbs have grease smudges. What is the safest way to clean reflector surface and not damage them? I'm looking at the following: *Lighter Fluid *WD-40 *Contact cleaner Please...
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    18650 high capacity cells?

    I'm starting to see 18650 cells rated better 2800mAHrs. Does anyone have these cells, and how are they holding up? My current lot of 18650 cells have hit the 2.5 year old mark, time to upgrade. chiphead
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    AW +contact damaged

    I've noticed that the positive contact on some of my AW 18650 cells look as if they've been hit with a hammer. This is causing some contact issues in my Solarforce L2P/HA. I've had these cells since 3/2011, is anyone else seeing this ? Check out you cells ya'll! chiphead
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    Stinger NiCads in cold weather?

    I'm looking to pick a (plain)Streamlight Stinger this weekend, but winter as rolled into Austin big time. Can anyone tell how those NiCads hold up in cold weather? Better yet, why after all these years Streamlight is sticking with old NiCad chemistry? chiphead
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    Streamlight Stinger DS?

    Looking at getting a Stinger DS, but I'd like to know from those who've had one for a while how is it holding up? If not good I'll get a plain-jean Stinger. cold Austin,TX
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    SF/6P getting out

    With all the new digital LED technology going on, I've neglected my old 6P. Now that SF is sent their incan line to the bone yard, parts are going to be coming up short pretty quickly. How do I keep the old 6P relivent in the digital age besides adding an LED dropin? chiphead
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    LED light in the rain!

    In the wee hours of the morning here in Austin/TX(yes, it rain in Austin) I was caught in a nasty storm with my Solarforce-L2/Mil3 unit. Although the unit handle the rain with it well lubed o-rings, I was shocked by the amount or light being reflected back at me! And I'd swear that the throw had...
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    Solarforce L2 noise!

    During a night walk, I held my up my Solarforce L2P to light up some bushes when I noticed a strange high pitched noise coming from within the body. The layout is like this: *AW 18650 cell @2600mahrs well charged *Solarforce LC-XPG When I made it home I took the battery out and place it in my...
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    Incan with rechargable cells?

    Is anyone using lithium rechargable cell to drive an incan. I can't seem to find a bulb that can handle a them. chiphead
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    Post NiteIZE Inova units?

    Ya'LL Just gave my nephew (USMC) my Inova T3, I'd like to replace it with another T class unit, how are the Inova lights after the NiteIze buy out. The bodies look the same, my fears is that they're now using cheaper componets even in the T class models. Please tell me there still just as tought...
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    Maglite XL100 /w Energizer Lithiums?

    Greetings from Sub-Saharan Texas Is anyone running a Maglite XL100 using Energizer Lithium cells? And if so, was it damaged? chiphead