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    Sold/Expired (SOLD) Okluma Ti DC1 w/H17F

    Titanium w/Dr J programmable H17F driver (installed by Okluma) and Lumintop green turbo glow gasket insert. Uses only IMR18350 rechargeable battery. Has been carried quite a bit and shows some unfortunate marks from it. A few scratches on the inner edge of the head and superficial striations on...
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    Sold/Expired Surefire Scout Light with Mount

    One cell, KX1A head, In very good condition, please see photos, asking 155.00 PP and shipping included to the US, thanka!
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - Classic Surefire Laser Light Weapon Light Combo

    Super rare Surefire 2 cell weapon light. . Unused with only some handling marks from age and in overall excellent condition especially for its age. Asking 105.00 PP and shipping included to the US, thanks! Including as an extra, 3 cell extension that could be used with the correct 9v bulb...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - Okluma DC1 Green Anodized Titanium

    Okluma DC1, 219c Triple, Titanium with green ano and blue ano screws all original as delivered from Jeff. Never carried, spent its life as a safe queen in my collection. Comes with birth card and cigar box. Was originally $600+ retail. Asking 500.00 490.00 460.00 PP and shipping included to...
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    Delta Specs - Help Please...

    Does anyone know which optic is used in the Delta with Nichia 219c? Mine is the spot but I can’t find any info about it beyond that. Is it a Carclo 105 series? Can other Carclo optics be swapped out? Is the glow board the same as a turbo glow? If not, will the turbo glow board that...
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    Having trouble Charging Sanyo NCR18650GA

    Trying to charge these brand new just received Sanyo 3500mah NCR18650GA batteries with my Nitecore I2 and I4 chargers. I was advised that they were shipped uncharged and had to be charged before use. I also tried charging the batteries one at a time in each of the chargers as well for a number...
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    Need a good single cell travel charger....

    Looking for a single cell travel charger. I know that the MP1S can charge 18350 and 18650. Is the Xtar MP1S a good choice for charging a Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500mah and a Keepower IMR18350 1200mah? Opinions would be very greatly appreciated thanks !!
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    Sold/Expired SOLD - McGizmo Mule XML

    McGizmo Ti Mule, Single AA body and AA head, XML, very lightly used, some super light surface scratches from handling but nothing notable and not visible except for super close inspection. There was no way to capture them in photos. Great light but not getting used so time for a new home...
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    Sold/Expired WTB or WTT for Prometheus Delta

    Looking for a Delta in any configuration. Willing to buy, but I have a nice Ti McGizmo XML Mule to offer in trade if anyone's interested. Thanks!
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    Is there a way to tell whether one has an XPG or an XPG2 other than output and tint? Are there any markings anywhere or anything distinctive about one LED appearance to the other? HELP!
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    Mystery Haiku LED

    Hey Folks, new to the McGizmo world and building my family of Haiku's (my favorites!) and just picked up a new addition to the family. Only problem is that I'm not sure which LED it has. I believe there were 4 LED variations, XRE, 119, XPG and XML? Here's what I know: I know it's not the...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Elzetta Rotary Tailcap and High/Low Tailcap

    Rotary - this would be the "tactical" push on for momentary and turn for full on. High/Low - push button on and switches from high to low by rotating tailcap once light is on. Thanks!
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    Sold/Expired (SOLD) Mac's Custom EDC SST-50 - Orange Cerakote

    Aluminum with Orange Cerakote. New as delivered from Mac's. Never carried or used other than for function testing. This was a safe queen and no flaws what so ever. Hardship sale or I'd be keeping it. You know how that goes..... The light is a 2.8, Neutral tint, 3 mode L/M/H with last mode...
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    Sold/Expired FOR SALE - Mac's SST-50 EDC Aluminum

    Neutral SST-50, 16mm body takes IMR16340 batteries only, 3 mode with last mode memory, Ti clip, original unmodified engine, carried a lot but used very little. Revised photos with the light now cleaned up a bit. Very little time spent just to make it presentable. Has never been dropped or...
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    Sold/Expired Mac's Customs EDC SST-50

    Mac's Customs EDC SST-50, Aluminum body, Ti pocket clip, blue DuPont VITON fluorelastomer O-ring, uses IMR16340 batteries only (not included). Never carried by me and very lightly used, but I'm the second owner and it has quite a few very light surface scratches but nothing detracting in my...
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    Sold/Expired For Sale: Mac's Custom 18650 Triple

    FOR SALE: "Mac's Custom" black cerakoted aluminum 18650 Custom Triple with special finned and fluted cooling head. Rare and custom piece from a special run he did a while back. Never carried and rarely used (just taken out and tested from time to time). Has some minor marks from handling but...
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    Mac's Custom EDC Clip Installation - HELP!

    I've tried to contact Mac's to have this done with no success so.....can anyone recommend someone to install a Ti clip on one of my Mac's Custom EDC's? I understand there are other clips that are compatible with the EDC but I'm not sure. Believe me I would prefer to have Mac's do it but I can...
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    Drilling and tapping holes in a Mac's Custom EDC

    I've given up trying to contact Mac to have a pocket clip installed on one of my Mac's Custom EDC lights so I'm going to buy a clip and drill and tap the light myself. Any advise or assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have no experience in this so thanks. I would also entertain...
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    Sold/Expired WANTED: Mac's Titanium Tri EDC

    WTB (WITHDRAWN) : Mac's Titanium Tri EDC Since I can't live in front of the computer (I don't know how you guys do it...) waiting for a one of these to list (I've missed 4 or 5 in the last few days?) I figured I'd post a WANT TO BUY and see if I have any better luck this way. Maybe someone...
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    Mac's EDC Aluminum vs Titanium - Weights?

    I have often come across owners of Mac's EDC lights that aren't sure (other than what they paid) if their lights are Ti or Aluminum. I realize that the well educated can tell the difference but we're not all that good (includes me). I would really appreciate it if Mac owners could chime in...