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    For Sale Modified Pelican Replacement Tailcap Assy for M6 (2320 etc.) (HAII light silver)

    Up for sale: Pelican Replacement Tailcap Assy for M6 etc. flashlights with upgraded clicky switch module Brand new/seller refurbished (open package for inspection and maintenance only) Converted from stock twisty to custom clicky switch setup Very rare and hard to find Only limited quantities...
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    For Sale [FS] Custom Kroll Switch Module for Pelican M1/M3/M6 Incandescent

    Up for listing: custom brass Kroll switch assy (sleeve with switch installed) for use with Pelican M1(3310)/M1(2310[MY2006])/M3(3370)/M6(2320/2330/2390) tailcap hosts Inspired by original Sandwich Shoppe aluminum sleeve design but modified for optimal fitment Kroll switch preinstalled and...
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    UMS2 successor?

    Have been looking into getting my first Nitecore charger which will probably be the UMS2 (but not other models). Have researched on this model and learned about its pluses and minuses. So here are my feedback and suggestions based on the UMS2 form and config: a. In addition to the USB2...
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    Suggestion on PB-series lineup

    A few years ago I've acquired the original PB2 18650 powerbank enclosure just for tries, before giving it to another buddy. It was a decent idea but not without drawbacks, such as non-compatibility with protected 18650s, questionable body material, and unreliable internal circuitry (charging...
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    VP2 successor?

    I've been aware since early this year that Xtar was planning on discontinuing this charger, according to my local dealer. Back then, the VP2 model was still shown as a current model. But not anymore -- it's now relocated to the "Discontinued Charger" section. So the question is, will there be...
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    Current situation at the SS?

    I know it's a bit hard to speak out, but I still have to; anyway just want to know if the SS will still be around at least for the next few years? While most of us are grateful to Wayne and Cindy for such custom parts offerings, do remember that time flies fast and all of us -- including...
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    Surefire KT-4 lens size dimensions?

    Anyone knows the said lens dimensions (diameter x thickness)? Also does the KT-4 share the same lens size as in the KT-1/2, and if not, what's the lens size dimensions for the KT-1/2? Help and feedback appreciated.
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    Sold/Expired [WTB] Surefire KX3 Head Assy

    Helping a buddy seek the said head unit. Preferably in VG to mint condition. If you have one to offer, pls reply to thread and state the specs and asking price. Thanks for noting.
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    Jeers to Uabide

    Anyone heard about the Uabide scam as discussed here? Lately this entity has been randomly targeting eBay sellers who deal...
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    Sold/Expired [WTB] Surefire KL5 C-Head Assy

    Currently seeking the said LED head concerned Need two units One must be in VG to mint condition The other can be in any condition (good, average, not working etc.) Earlier incarnation versions preferred but KL5A variant also welcome Please reply to thread or send PM for offers. Thanks for reading
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    Sold/Expired [WTB] Surefire EDCL1-T Head Assy Only

    Currently seeking the said head unit... Just unmodified head assy only, no body/tail parts needed Must be mint (no blems) and in pristine working condition without fail Price range below $75 ($70 shipped would be great) Please reply to thread or PM for any offers. Thanks for reading
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    Sold/Expired [FS] Replacement Rubber Boot for Pelican M1/M3/M6 (incandescent model)

    After some six months of planning, testing etc. the said replacement boots are finally available. And since Pelican does not offer them as parts this will be the only place you'l get them. Item description: a. High-quality clone of the stock M1/M3/M6 rubber boot down to the original...
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    Sold/Expired [FS] BigLeef (C-cell) Clicky Tailcap Boot Bundle

    Acquired this boot bundle from another "closeout" sale All in mint condition (some dusts visible on surface) Compatible with the said clicky tailcap config only All but three have the white support ring inside boot's base (red x1, black x1, black tall x1) Very rare to find To be sold as entire...
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    Sold/Expired [WTB] Fivemega generic 18xxx bodies

    As discussed here Anyone knows what's happened to the production of these? Are they (even in NOS form) still available, and if so, can someone point me to the right...
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    Surefire C-body maximum bore threshold?

    I just achieved my very first bore tasks. Recently sent two 6P bodies to my local precision parts/machining facility for 18mm boring. Have asked the tech to stick to ~18.7mm (also Fivemega's standard bore spec) as discussed during our last meetup some months back (they told me the minimum tube...
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    Sold/Expired [FS] Custom Third-party McClicky Tailcap for Surefire C-tail (HAIII OD/HB)

    Available for sale: various custom McClicky tailcaps for Surefire C-tail setups Custom HAIII finish (see item description for details) Limited production between 2018-19 No more may be offered once sold out a. Faux-Leef shrouded tailcap for Surefire C-tail (HAIII HB) - Retro-grade production...
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    Sold/Expired [FS] Custom Surefire parts (HAIII OD/HB)

    Available for sale: various custom Surefire bezels and tailcaps for C-system flashlight setups Custom HAIII finish (see item description for details) New limited production for 2019-20 No more may be offered once sold out (next run scheduled for late 2020) a. Z44 bezel (HAIII hard clear/OD...
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    Sold/Expired [FS] Custom Modified Surefire 6P Host (HAIII HB)

    [SOLD] Custom Modified Surefire 6P Host (HAIII HB) Available for sale: custom modified Surefire 6P host Custom reanodize project for 2019-20 Last ONE available - NO more may be produced once sold out Descriptions/highlights/modifications: a. Host completely stripped of...
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    Sold/Expired [FS] Custom Pelican Lockout Clicky Tailcap for M6 (2320 etc.) (HAIII hard black)

    Available for sale: Pelican Replacement Tailcap Assy for M6 (or similar) series flashlight setups Converted from stock twisty to custom clicky switch config Brand new/seller refurbished Only limited quantities available NOT available at any other online Pelican parts stores NO more may be...
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    Sold/Expired [FS] Custom LED Module for Incandescent MagAA Setups

    Here I offer the said custom module in fully assembled form Configured for those who are looking for an easy means for upgrading their MagAAs to everyday LED working state, but that they have limited module building skills Absolutely NO exotic, ultra-bright mods involved or condoned Module...