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    Sold/Expired Cryos illumination cucf 6p host! Copper m2 head

    Hello Iam looking to buy cryos illumination cucf 6p host, also copper m2 head or regular copper head thanks!!
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    Cryos illumination.

    Hello everyone, Iam trying to purchase from cryos illumination. I’ve tried creating an account but their is a field where you type in letters to prove your not a robot and that is working correctly. Is their any way to contact them, or something. I have a couple questions I would like to ask...
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    Lumintop triple question

    Hello everyone I have a lumintop prince and want to make it a triple, if I bought a 10507 optic and a 20mm triple mcpcb will it drop in without modification or will I need to raise the mcpcb somehow? Thanks.
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    Coleman 1000 lumen lantern

    Did a little surgery on the 1000 lumen lantern, Iam guessing it is know around 1000 lumens lights up a 40ft by 20ft room really well[/IMG][. [/URL][/IMG]
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    Coleman 1000 lumen lantern question

    Hello everyone I just bought a Coleman 1000 luman lantern, obviously it's not 1000 Lumens but it sure is bright, I want to put an xpl hi 3D into the lantern. Their are a total of five Led's, their are five yellow wires on the mcpcb and two white wires. Iam I guessing right the the five yellow...
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    SScux6- cux5

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    Best throw and lux 800-900 yards

    Hello everyone Iam looking for the max throw and lux on target 800-900 yards, something with xpl-hi or better led. Two 18650 batteries. Budget is $130-140 thank you!!
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    opus bt-3100 v2.2

    Hello everyone I have a question about the opus bt-c3100 v2.2 I cannot figure out how to set the discharge current on (refresh discharge mode). I've figured it out before, but can't figure it out know. I can set the charge current at 1000mah and it just cycles thru the charge current. Can't...
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    Lumantec ptc cr123a batteries?

    Hello everyone, I just bought a Nitecore p12gt on eBay and it comes with two Lumentac ptc cr123a batteries are these rechargeable? Any info on these batteries?
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    Nitecor p12 2015 purple halo??

    Hey everyone I have a nitecore p12 2015. When I first got it had a horrible purple halo around the outer beam, it was so bad and so distracting that I didn't use the light that much. Well used it today and the purple halo is gone, really strange but iam glad it's gone makes the light much nicer...
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    Opus bt-c3100 v2.2 charging question

    Hello everyone I just received my opus bt- c3100 v2.2, the first I did was a test mode on Amazon basic pro and got 2575, 2569, 2558 and 2549. So looks like the batteries are holding up great after probaly 30 uses. So now my question it seems that you can't select different dishcharge and charge...
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    New charger needed

    Hello everyone, Iam in need of another charger. I will be charging AA, AAA and 18650 batteries I currently have a nitecore d4 that has been great but I want a charger that has the ability to analyze and discharge. I was looking at the xstar vc4 but it can't dishcharge. My budget is up to $75.00...
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    Nitecore p12 stopped working

    Well my nitecore p12 2015 edition just quit working, I carry it every nite on my walks as a backup if my headlamp batteries get two low and of course the headlamp batteries got to low to use. I turned on the p12 and five minutes later I noticed a slight flickering and then it just turns off a...
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    Efest 10440 button top battery

    Hello were can I get an Efest 10440 button top batterie?
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    2016 tn12

    Will the 2016 tn12 be direct drive like the previous version?
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    Dedomed convoy ?

    Hey everyone, was looking at mtnelectronics and they have a convoy c8 with s dedomed led option. Do you think this is real convoy is the dedomed option a good idea?
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    surefire 9p batterie option?

    Hello everyone I inherited a surefire 9p from my grandfather the bulb was burnt out when I got it so I ordered a malkoff m61sho drop in and it is fantastic but I can see myself burning through three 123a batteries pretty quick. Max voltage is 9.0- 12 volts. What rechargeable bateries can I get...
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    Nitecore 2015 p12?

    Hello everyone have a question on a 2015 nitecore p12, was reading that after 3 minutes on turbo output is decreased to something like 550 luman, if I where to turn the light off then on again would it go back to turbo. Is their a cool down time needed, Iam probably over thinking this just...
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    KeepPower 18650 3400mah

    Hello everyone Iam thinking of buying some keepPower 18650 3400Mah ncr18650b protected button top batteries for my new nitecore P12. Would these be ok for my light? I would be buying them from is this a good company to buy from. Thanks sorry for all the questions.
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    Nitecore p12 problems

    Hello everyone I just bought a nitecore p12. I was so excited, put the batteries in and clicked the button all its does is flash real quick and turns off. I don't know what to do I can click the button multiple times and it does the same thing flash real quick then turns off. Batteries are fully...