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    Fenix PD40

    Is $75 a fair price for a Fenix PD40 new in box? It is not the newer R but the one with the Cree MT-G emitter. Thanks! -g
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    Protected/Unprotected and IMR cells

    I have always purchased protected cells (18650). I am in the process of getting a couple of 26650 based lights (one for my truck and one for my wives car). So, I have been battery shopping and have never been so confused. I have already posted a couple of questions and received some really great...
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    26650 batteries

    It seems that the 26650 batteries are available with or without a button top. I am not sure which I need, or which would be more useful. I have been looking at EBL (buttonless, best deal) or the Odec (button tops). Would one be better than the other? FWIW, I am going to be using them in a...
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    XP35HI versus XP35HD?

    I am trying to understand the difference between the two LED's. Is the HD more floody and the HI more of a thrower? Or the other way around? Thanks! -g
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    case for a Thrunite TN-40

    I am looking for a case for a Thrunite TN-40. I bought this light to carry in my boat for navigation at night. I would like to have some protection for the light, especially the front of it when it is being stored. I found a Flyye FY-PH-M006 that seems like it would fit and might be the best...
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    Orbtronic 18650 and Thrunite TN40

    I am going to be ordering a Thrunite TN40 (NW) and will need some batteries and a charger. Charger seems easy, a Nitecore i4. The batteries a less sure about but I considering the Orbtronic 3500mAh batteries. Would these be a good choice? Can I do better...
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    Thrunite Tn42 or Tn40? Or other?

    I am looking (once again) for a light to carry in the boat. I fish on a lot of large lakes and being able to spot buoys, channels, markers, etc is important. But, equally as important is having enough flood to be able to spot deadheads or anything else in the water. Initially I was thinking...
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    Light for boat

    I posted another query earlier and did not see this, sorry for all the messages but here is the completed checklist. Thanks for your help! -g ==================Flashlight Recommendation Checklist================ 1) How would you prefer to purchase the light? ____I would like to purchase the...
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    In Light rechargeable for the boat

    I spend a lot of time on the water and most evenings I find myself navigating back to the dock after dark. Last night was very dark and made navigation difficult (if not exciting). The body of water I often fish on is connected via a series of channels which can be difficult to locate at night...
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    Rechargeable light for the boat

    ----reposted in the recommend a light forum. I would delete this message from here if I could but I cannot find a way. Would one of the mods be able to remove this post? Thanks -g I spend a lot of time on the water and most evenings I find myself navigating back to the dock after dark...
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    Headlamp for fishing, camping and hunting

    I need a new headlamp for my outdoor activities. The headlamp needs to have a red light for night fishing, and a decent throw to help with boat navigation at night. That being said I am leaning towards the NiteCore HC90. I like the variable output slider and it seems really bright at its...
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    Trustfire, or is it an Ultrafire? return it? Upgrade it?

    I decided to take a chance on a cheap 18650 light on Amazon since I had an extra battery laying around. The TrustFire seemed like a decent light so I ordered one. Instead of receiving a Trustfire light I got an UltraFire XML-T6. The lights look similar but to be honest I was pretty...
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    Nitecore SRT7

    I am looking for a tactical light to use with my AR. At the top of my list is the Nitecore SRT7 but being new to these kinds of lights I was hoping to get some opinions on this light. I am assuming this light is compatable with the picatinny rail holders that are available, does nitecore also...
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    Life+Gear 360 Lumen LED Law Enforcement Grade WaterProof Flashlights

    Costco has a pair of these for $69.99. Are these good torches? Can I do better for the price?
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    New version of Eneloop AAA?

    I bought some of the new Eneloop AA batteries (1500 cycles) and now would like to get some of the AAA Eneloops. I got them at thomas-distributing and had wanted to get some of the AAA's at the same time, but they had none. I just checked today and they still don't have any available. I...
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    One charger or two?

    I have used AA and AAA rechargeable batteries for a long time. I am now considering adding some D cell rechargeables for a couple of LED flashlights. Along with the new cells I also need to get a new charger. So, prior to the D cells I was set on the Maha MH-C9000 but of course it does not...