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    Dealextreme Cree LA?

    Is anyone familiar with the Cree lamp assembly that Dealextreme has listed at More specifically, I was wondering if the could be used in lights that take a P60 module. The dimensions look almost as if they were patterned a little after the...
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    MiniMag LED 2AA - Target $19.44

    Mag must be running some sort price reduction through various retailers. The latest one seems to be Target. There are reductions on many of their Mag products. None of the prices seemed as competitive as the current Home Depot sale, so I didn't pay too much attention to any of them except for...
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    Mini Mag LED 3 Cell $19.97

    Home Depot now has the Mini Mag LED 3 Cell in stock at $19.97. Looks like they are only stocking the 3 Cell version right now along with the 4D version of the Mag LED light, no other sizes. San Jose area residents, the Blossom Hill store is currently out of stock, I picked up the last two.
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    SL-20XP LED - Recall

    From Streamlight
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    6D Maglite

    Meant to post this sometime last week and forgot all about it. Seems that there may be some people starting up rumors about the Mag 6D being discontinued, no longer available, and there was at least one bozo who tried to make some claim about it being illegal. Perhaps it was all in anticipation...
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    Garrity 9led 3xAAA 4 pack at Costco

    Is anyone familiar with these? Saw them at Costco yesterday in 4 packs for something like $12-13. They look relatively compact and easy to carry; was thinking that they would make good loaner/giveaway lights.
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    Amondotech CR123 Battery Question.

    I only had a 4 pack that a friend gave me, so I'm not sure if my experience is characteristic of these batteries. But I've noticed a significant decrease in voltage on these cells after the slightest load is put on them. Initially, I thought these cells were self-discharging, though that does...
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    US Made 200 Lumen light for about $10

    Don't panic, it really isn't an eBay ad from China! And no, I'm not kidding, though I'm ROFLMAO! :D And it's only an inch longer than a Mini Mag! I'm sure everyone has seen the Mag 2C -3CR123 mod or the variations of it using 6...
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    Mag LED and rechargeable batteries

    I know a lot of folks have been helpful in posting their interpretation, opinions, and explainations as to why rechargeable batteries should not be used with the Mag LED lights and upgrade modules, but I thought I'd just pass something along that I noticed when going through some packages of Mag...
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    Mag Traffic Wand - SF Bay Area

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know of a brick and mortar store in the SF Bay Area or Silicon Valley area that carries the traffic wands for Mag lights? Preferably the ones with the Mag branding. There are plenty of web sites where these are available, but these are relatively low cost...
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    Streamlight PolyStinger-$59.97

    The Streamlight PolyStinger looks like it's on clearance at for $59.97 with both AC and DC 10 hour chargers. Looks like they might only stock the yellow one though. Also looks like it's an online only item...
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    Wal*Mart LED Crank Light $8.44

    Ran into this at Wal*Mart for $8.44. Thought it might be of interest to those who are looking for a low price on a crank light. It's a 2-level, 1 or 3 LEDs. Doesn't really seem out of the ordinary or differ much from other crank lights that are being sold in the marketplace. It's packaged as...
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    2300mAh NiMH batteries 10/10.99

    Fry's stores in the Bay Area are selling Lenmar 2300mAh batteries in 10 packs for $10.99 this weekend, Fry's SKU 4608228. Additionally you get a Lenmar Pro 1023 (Egg) charger, Fry's SKU 4730659, for free (it's a little 2 cell charger with a folding AC plug.) Had no need for the charger, but I...
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    MAG LED 3-Cell First Impressions

    Found some at one of the local Wal*Marts. They were on a locked shelf hook with the flashlights above the Nite Ize Mini Mag modules. Like one of the other posters described, all 3 sizes were combined on a single hook (read the packaging if you encounter this to make sure you get the right...
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    Dorcy Lux 3 lantern at Sears $22.99

    I don't have any experience with this light other than having seen it at the store at it's regular price of $39.99, but it looks like Sears is running a special on it.
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    Fenix L1P Question

    I was just approached by someone who bought one of these lights last night and I'm not really familiar with them. As many of you have experienced, the O ring on the back did fall apart as soon as the tailcap was removed (replaced it with one that came in the box.) My question though is...
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    6V 4Ah SLA Battery - Funny Experience

    Recently I found myself needing a replacement SLA battery for a Craftsman rechargable lantern that I bought a long time ago. A quick check locally found this battery (used in many rechargeable spotlights and some power UPS's) to run from about $11 to $16 (the Sears "official" replacement...
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    Coast Tac Torch at Costco

    Just a heads up about the Coast Tac Torch at some of the Costco stores. It looks like this product may be headed out the door. The price has been dropped at some Costco stores to $24.97 where it is still stocked. For those CPF'ers in the San Jose area, it's only in the Senter Road store (next...
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    C-sized NiMH in SL ProPoly 3C

    Just wondering which brands of NiMH batteries may have been successfully used with the SL ProPoly 3C. Seems that the buttons on some of the Chinese batteries are a bit too big to fit into the SL rececptor at the base of the 3C reflector assembly. AA NiMH batteries in C adapters work fine, as...
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    End-user opinion on DB-3W Mag replacement

    I'm looking for overall satisfaction opinions/observations from consumers who have purchased and installed the Diamond DB-3W Lux replacement for 3 Cell Mags.