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  1. bones_708

    Alk-Mag rechargeable batteries

    Now that these are out and starting to show up has anyone tried them? I've been tempted but didn't want to get a new charger setup without knowing if it is something I will want to continue using. Any thoughts?
  2. bones_708

    Solar charger at Fry's

    So I was at Fry's and I saw a charge I haven't noticed before. It was a 10 aa/aaa charger that had an ac power source, a dc outlet for male/male 12v charging. With the dc available to use the whole thing as a 12v power source if charged batteries were left in the charger. I checked around and...
  3. bones_708

    Battery adapter This adapter is a new one on me but looks useful. I have ordered some but will have to wait and see how well they work. Reportedly...
  4. bones_708

    Maglite for under $4

    I was just poking around on and noticed they have maglites on sale from knife depot on their site for less than $4. I checked knife depot site direct and there they aren't lowered. :shrug: For $3.85 I figure what the heck I've been meaning to get a new 3d mag anyway.