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  1. Lighthouse one

    Energizer 100 Lumen Headlamp-quick review

    Last month I received an Energizer 4 mode 100 lumen headlamp at the CPF campout. It has 4 modes and runs off 3 aaa batteries, like most small headlamps. [/URL][/IMG] THere are 2 red leds, and they are very useful. Strong enough to walk at night with them. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] The...
  2. Lighthouse one

    Dorcy Headlamp with amazing throw.

    I got Dorcy headlamp, model 41-2097, at the recent CPF campout in NJ. It's only a $16 lamp at Amazon, but does it ever throw for an inexpensive light! [/URL][/IMG] It uses 3 aaa batteries. Very light, and it has 134 lumens. It acts more like a flashlight. It throws a tight spot with a...
  3. Lighthouse one

    Dorcy Hockey Puck: Half lantern-Half Flashlight!

    This is a recent item I got at our CPF campout. We named it the hockey puck. In its collapsed form, it has an aspheric lens and works like a flashlight with all spot- no spill. THen you twist it open- and its the coolest camping latern ever! It uses 3 AA batteries and lasts 20 hours...
  4. Lighthouse one

    New goose neck lamp-quick look

    I was at the CPF campout this last week end and Dorcy sent us a bunch of items to try out. One item I got was this neat led lamp. Came in a plain box- model # 41-9991. Check Dorsey website. [/URL][/IMG] It uses 3 AA batteries, but also has a plug in adaptor..It has a magnetic base, and...
  5. Lighthouse one

    Identify the old light for me Someone gave this light to me..old and it's neat. Any idea what it is. It's 10 inches long. Should hold 3 size D cells.
  6. Lighthouse one

    Nice sturdy Dorcy light

    [IM[/IMG] I recently got this Dorcy Die Hard light. Model 41-6008. I was impressed with the thick walls- and weight of the light. It's 95 lumens, and changes from flood to spot by turning the gold ring. Run time is listed as 7 hours. The flood is very smooth and broad- a great close...
  7. Lighthouse one

    Inova Magic!

    I recently bought an Inova on the Marketplace: Just because I don't have any- and I like the looks of this model. It had a very poor quality beam, and was very weak. This is not the fault of the gentleman who sold me the light...I got a great deal. So I thought...could I change the led...
  8. Lighthouse one

    need an 18650 with solder tabs

    Any idea who sells 18650 li-ion batts with solder tabs? I need one for a 3.7 volts screw driver that won't hold a charge. Only one year old- I'd like to fix it! I have the battery out.
  9. Lighthouse one

    Phoebus Tactical Cree 2.2 Lunetta

    A short review of the Phoebus Tactical Cree 2.2 light that was won at the recent CPF campout. Provided by . A nice looking and very well constructed light. Aircract grade 6061-T6 Alum. in a matte black finish. Quality appearance. Smooth reflector for good throw- but...
  10. Lighthouse one

    Icon Rogue 2- short review

    I won this light at the recent FCW 6 camp out. was the donor. I showed this light to several of my friends, and they thought it was neat...and powerful for a 2 AA light. Here are a few shots to show off it's unique design. I decided to test it underwater- since...
  11. Lighthouse one

    Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp review

    I recently won the Fuel model Princeton Tec headlamp at the CPF campout. provided the lamp. It is very light, only 78 grams, and quite small. I mostly use a headlamp for indoor use, so the 43 lumens output is just fine. THe light has 4 modes...three levels and strobe...
  12. Lighthouse one

    Drumlight Factory Blazing away!

    OK>>> Its a boring Saturday, a foot of snow in the yard, and I just got an XPE led to try out. I make a homemade light called a I got the necessary parts together and started the process to make 3 lights. I call them drumlights, because the body is...
  13. Lighthouse one

    Took 2 flashlights to my son's wedding

    Saturday, my son got married. I took a nitecore EX10...and a homemade drumlight- which has a tight spot- around 220 lumens. THe wedding was at I knew there would be some dark at the reception. They turned the lights down and everyone started dancing ( I don't dance). After a...
  14. Lighthouse one

    WHP Radio shows CPF Drumlight

    I sent a homemade light to RJ Harris, a host of the morning show at WHP in Harrisburg. I call it a drumlight, (because it's made from the drum of an HP printer ). He liked it and put it on their website. It has a p4 led driven at 750 ma. A...
  15. Lighthouse one

    Nitecore PD design explained/with pics

    I got my EX 10 today...and like many others was a bit confused trying to operate the UI. After a while I did what any good flashaholic does: take it apart ! Now I understand the design, and what to do to easily operate the UI. This is the Button tube, and the head assy. The tube holds the...
  16. Lighthouse one

    New DX Q5 #11074 drop in review

    This is the 0 to 100% drop in. I got it several days ago. Mine actually has 3 separate modes. At flashlight reviews they list 5 modes...mine has 3. It is driven to 1200ma on high. The high is definitely very bright. It is the brightest of all my drop ins...but not by a lot. I have a...
  17. Lighthouse one

    Ray o Vac Hybrids won't hold charge

    I 've bought 3 sets of AA Ray o Vac Hybrids . My first set - about 8 months old- recharged maybe 20 times- doesn't hold it's charge very long anymore. Maybe a month or 6 weeks at best. Made in China. Anyone else have dying Ray o Vacs? I have since ordered several sets of Eneloops.
  18. Lighthouse one

    Fun night photos with my Hid 1&2

    I went out to a wildlife preserve tonight and tried some shots with my Power on board Hid. I also lit up the foreground with my Ultrafire 500 for some of the shots. See, my light reaches the moon! Ok...not really! Photos 10 seconds at f4. I added this photo to show what the scene looks...
  19. Lighthouse one

    Power on Board HID- Awesome!

    I keep reading good things about these lights. Had to get one finally. I got it here I only have one other HID- a 15 MCP Cyclops that was...
  20. Lighthouse one

    Ultrafire 500 Led Drop-in

    I just got the drop in today. It draws around 670 ma. THe reflector is a nice orange peel. It throws a very smooth, large, and bright spill. The spot is tight and fairly strong. Total power is better than most of my lights- but more is in the large spill than the throw. I left it on 15...