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    Your opinion on digital cameras that use Ni-Mh battery packs

    I am abou to buy a new compact camera. I need something with good IQ that can be strapped to a belt. The first thing I searched for was a camera with AA batteries. Unfortunately there is none that can do decent pics (to my standards, of course). I am talking about the technical side of things...
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    Review of / Measurement on Charger Xtar VP1

    Re: Review of / Measurement on Charger Xtar VP On the other hand, charging like this the batteries will last longer. I remember one thread in the forum that stated something like charging up to 4.15 or so will double the battery cycles. Tried to find that, but no luck :( (maybe it is my memory...
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    Medium size, good brightness, LED running on eneloops

    Maybe a 2xAA light like a Jetbeam Ba20. A bit over your budget.
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    It's Like Waking Up From a Coma!!

    For your eneloops I suggest checking the zebralights. 280 form a single NiMH AA, with amazing runtimes in medium modes, great low modes and a very unique and useful user interface (waiting for the NW version to get one myself).
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    Best headlamp <= $200

    A mule is a flashlight without reflector. All flood. Keep in mind they will work great for close action, but they have the lowest throw of them all.
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    AA EDC with Kiss interface

    I think I will get E11. Throw is not a must, but can be useful in the woods where they will be (most probably) used. On the other hand I found the E05 flood, wich should be similar as E11, almost perfect to walk in forest paths at night. Does someone have a pic comparing E11 size against...
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    AA EDC with Kiss interface

    Thanks for the suggestions - E21. 2xAA. Need an EDC (edited the first post just when you were writing) - LD10, too many modes. Need something simpler, no need for strobes and the like - LD15. Low is too low. Even the low in the BA10 is too low :(
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    AA EDC with Kiss interface

    Some days ago my father asked me to get a few lights to give away to some neighbours we are in good terms with. I was trying to find the "ideal" light for the task but found none that fulfill all the requirements. - It MUST be 1xAA powered. - Easy to use interface. The ideal levels would be...
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    LED flashlight manufacture and trends

    Romisen RC-P3 is even older... Ok, they are not "premium", but they exist ;)
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    What light for rural night dog-walking?

    Almost every 2xAA light that are usually talked about in these forums will be great to dog-walking. Light enough not to be a burden, use easy to find batteries and enough power to put to shame the typical D-Cell lights average people have.
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    Are Fenix Flashlights Really That good

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    - buy a diesel car with manual tranny. - be smooth. I currently have a Passat 1.9 TDI with 130 bhp. Great car to do a lot of miles. Can do 1000 km with 60 l of fuel easily (about 45 mpg in non-flat terrain), have lots of torque to overtake a the engine will last more than the gas equivalent...
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    best single AAA light, not preon 1

    Take a look at Klarus Mi10 or, if you find one, a preon Revo. I want a Mi10 myself, but the SS version has became unobtanium.
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    What bikes can do for you

    Re: What bike's can do for you? I feel very fortunate because I found a job less than 10 minutes walking from my home. We don't know where you live, but if you are from USA, then you should check gas prices here (just a hint: roughly twice as much, IIRC).
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    Fenix E01 Price +

    Some lights can be droped 1.5 m to the ground a couple of times, but the good thing about the E01 is the chances of it breaking down are very few, even after a lot of drops. Just an example: search CPF for E01 being broken which are not alkaline leaks. Then do the same search for those "way...
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    mouse/computer freeze problem

    The first thing you should try is determine if the problem is caused by the OS or not. Boot it with a live CD and see if it hangs.
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    Reviews Being Stolen???

    China government or other governments as well... stuxnet comes to mind (but that will be better discussed in the underground). Remember: no one is guilty-free.
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    My Search For EDC

    If AA is not too big you should check the Thrunite T10 or the Eagletac D25A. In AAA maybe the Klarus Mi10 Al (SS is in the same price range than the Fenix LD01)
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    Are Twisties All Backwards? **Update** [YES]

    Re: Are Twisties All Backwards? What we need is a light with infinite runtime to end all this nonsense ;)
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    Interesting Video Finds Part 3

    Fun over 2 weels You have probably seen this video before... it went viral and have almost 30 million visits now: Now add a 10 year old kid and two multichampion trials riders to the mix: If you think the guy in the motorcycle can't ride, think again: The most amazing thing about the...