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    Ferrum Forge Design - WE Knife Gent

    They are available again on Massdrop as of today. I'm in for one now as I missed the first round.
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    Sunwayman V25C

    I'm guessing the larger range allows power adjustment in finer increments. - Tim
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 16

    That's a good looking holster. How is the retention? - Tim
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    Is there any LED light that you keep coming back to?

    I edc my Sunwayman V11R but I'd say that the lights I like the most are the ones that use a Nichia 219: Malkoff M61 219, L3 Illumination L10 219 (also an edc), Nailbender dropins (several), and I'm sure my pre-ordered HDS 219 as well. The tint of the beam is just perfect for me. - Tim
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    When did you order your HDS?

    Seems like Clickies are really starting to catch up. - Tim
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    Real Life Examples: Tint Matters

    Great shot, jak. I keep a Solarforce host with a 4000k-ish drop in downstairs in my house to use when I'm grilling at night. I've been fooled by cool whites that made my wife's steak appear to be medium well (her preference) when in fact it's medium rare. All hail the grill light ;) - Tim
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    Zebra Light SC80W AA/123A new version soon?

    Same story I got several months ago...
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    L3 Illumination's L10 Nichia 219

    I use mine almost every night. It allows me to check on my 18 month old without disturbing his sleep or ruining my night vision. I also use it to navigate around my bedroom on the nights my wife goes to sleep before I do. Moonlight, Low low modes, and low modes in general are so useful. I...
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    CarbonFiber and WATERPROOF

    Shouldn't this be over in the Dealer?Manufacturer section of the Marketplace?
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 16

    Lol, nice. I'll have to try that. - Tim
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 16

    Replied :twothumbs
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 16

    It arrived yesterday. It does not have current (ACME) threads. I guess it's off to the Marketplace :sigh:. - Tim
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 16

    This is the item that showed 1 in stock this afternoon. The description is: "Battery compartment for holding a single R17670 lithium-ion rechargeable (4.2V) battery. Provides a typical 2.5 hours of runtime on the High setting. The R17670 battery compartment is 33mm (1.3") longer than the...
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    The ArmyTek 120 day Challenge!!!

    A battery vampire that won't harm rechargeables. Excellent. - Tim
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 16

    :drool::drool::drool: :bow: Gorgeous. That's the tube you picked up on the Marketplace? It looks pretty much mint. Nice! - Tim
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    Here's my Surefire 6PX mounted on a Mossberg 500

    Hahahahaha - THAT's your welcome to CPF :crackup: Edited to add: Ooops. I see you've been here since 2009. - Tim
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    When did you order your HDS?

    I realize that shipping and tax may be issues but I just checked and they still have 7 available on their site. - Tim
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    got my rrt01 in the missing!!!

    I've had nothing but great experiences with them. I'm sure they'll take care of you. - Tim
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    got my rrt01 in the missing!!!

    Take the option for a brand new light. And make sure they cover the shipping back. - Tim