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  1. PaulW

    SureFire M6 Clickie ?

    Will, Wow! You and Andrew are doing some splendid work. It appears to be leading to something that will satisfy the deep itch of a host of M6 owners. I will be following with interest what is happening with your projects. And if you come up with a clickie part, I think you’ll have a...
  2. PaulW

    SureFire M6 Clickie ?

    Lebox97, Thanks for the suggestion. I have written to andrewwyn. Paul
  3. PaulW

    In CSI...

    The reason is obvious. If you flip the light switch, there's not as much flashlight fun. I remember after I got my first really nice flashlight, I would leave most of the lights on the house off and just use my flashlight to navigate. Yeah, obvious. I think the CSI writers must have...
  4. PaulW

    SureFire M6 Clickie ?

    I sure would like to have one. I remember something about this in an old thread, but I'm unable to find it now. The search function ain't what it used to be. I recall some discussion about why it was difficult to make a clickie that would carry the 5 amps required for the HOLA. I'd like to...
  5. PaulW

    How Many Bulbs Have You Killed

    I've never killed a bulb from dropping a light. I've flashed more than I can remember when I was experimenting with Carleys and Welch-Allen bulbs in various Mag mods. I've never had a SureFire lamp go bad while in the light. But I did smash one quite violently when not in the lamp. I dropped...
  6. PaulW

    just wanted to say bye

    Good luck Raggie. If ever you want to take a pleasant vacation, come here and visit . . . anytime . . . and stay a while. :) Paul
  7. PaulW

    bedside flashlight

    Re: Do you keep a flashlight near the bed? I used keep an Arc LS on the nightstand. I'd use it in moonmode for any nightly journeys and to find my way to other lights. And I used it to get the last remaining juice out of my 123s. But almost everything I use now is rechargeable (even my SF...
  8. PaulW

    Favorite flavor of Ramen soup

    Neat idea! I'm going to have to try that. Thanks Mike. Paul
  9. PaulW

    Favorite flavor of Ramen soup

    It's called "curry powder" because it's used primarily in curry, an Indian dish. It contains a mix of 5 to 10 different Indian spices. There are many kinds of blends. They usually include coriander, fenugreek, chilis, asafoetida, cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, ginger, etc. If you're lucky...
  10. PaulW

    Favorite flavor of Ramen soup

    Sorry to report that I don't care for these at all. I have have a box of the solid rectangular packs. I tried two and have been considering dumping the remaining ones. The noodles are pretty bad -- terrible consistancy. I do, however, appreciate the ideas posted here for improving flavor...
  11. PaulW

    What are you allergic to?

  12. PaulW

    The durability of Cell phones

    I was in the same boat about a year ago. Then I got a Tracphone for $100, which gave me 350 minutes, good for two years. I've used only about 100 of those minutes -- for emergencies and almost-emergencies. It doesn't have many bells and whistles, but I don't use them anyway. It's a cheapie...
  13. PaulW

    New PayPal spoof/phishing

    Thanks Bill for starting this thread. I got a couple of the PayPal phish, and had not the slightest worry because I remembered what was said here. Paul
  14. PaulW

    Maha C777-Plus II Charging issues

    lordsaryon, As Shark suggested, your problem might be with the holders for your cells. I used to have to have similar glitches when trying to charge my Mag85 cells with my Maha C777-PlusII. I could get a charge for only a short period of time, whereupon it would stop and then start over...
  15. PaulW

    Left or right handed?

    I notice a lot of folks handedness varies with the task "at hand" -- same for me. I'm right-handed when using only one hand, such as with writing, eating, and hammering. But with two-handed tools (axe, shovel, bat) I'm left-handed. Hmmm. Paul
  16. PaulW

    Flashight out of plumbing parts?

    Hi Carbine15, I remember that Ginseng made such a light a few years back. I searched his old posts and couldn't find it. I did, however, come across the original thread in which he presented his SuperSquashLight. You might get a kick out of looking at it...
  17. PaulW

    Aurora2: The Final Chapter

    Yep, it is a magnificent light. I had the privilege of holding it and playing with it. That was a real trip! Wilkey posted some great pictures, but they don't do justice to actually seeing and feeling the Aurora2. He does post every now and then, in spurts. You might find it fun to search...
  18. PaulW

    does LOL mean Lots O Luck , or , Laughing Out Loud ?

    When I first saw "LOL" I thought it meant lots of love. That seemed a little strange to me in a forum like this. Lots of laughs is right on target, though. I remember a professor in a class of mine talking about acronyms for radio frequency bands. They were, he said: ULF, VLF, LF, MF, HF...
  19. PaulW

    bLu vs. tLu: IS confirms 65% conversion factor

    Bill. Yeah, it's fun to see measurements support previous work. That would happen sometimes in my lab classes, although I have to admit there was a bit of fudge in my lab notebook in those days. I hadn't thought that the 65% figure was a big deal. But you've stuck with the message. In...
  20. PaulW

    Longest throwing Surefire?

    It's also going to depend on the lamps used. Some bulbs have smaller filaments than others, resulting in a narrower beam. I seem to recall a lamp with a designation starting with "N" doing that. Paul